Barbara Stanwyck

Happy Friday everyone! The weekend is finally here! Once again, so many of you have been so kind in your comments. I feel so loved and really appreciate it! Your following just inspires me to post more and more. I hope I don’t run out of things to say!
In remembering a film class I took in college, I was so entranced by a certain actress who was in “Double Indemnity.” Barbara Stanwyck was so cold and calculating in her role as a woman who killed her husband for the insurance money. She was the reason I began to like old black and whites.
Barbara was born Ruby Catherine Stevens in Brooklyn, NY. When she was four, her mother was killed when a drunken stranger pushed her off a moving street car. Yikes! After her father had some hardships, she was eventually given to foster homes. She tried to support herself, through a series of terrible jobs, before she finally auditioned for some shows. The rest as we say is history! Barbara died in 1990 of congestive heart failure, and emphysema (see what smoking will do to you?).
Here are some pics of Barbara in her early years as an actress. Enjoy and have a great weekend!!! 
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  1. So much style, grace, star power! Lovely lady if ever there was one :)

    Thank you deeply for adding my graphic to your beautiful blog, sweet heart. I truly appreciate that and would be delighted to add one for yours, too (just let me know if you have one you’d like me to put up).

    Tons of hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  2. Hey Blondie! My friend, Bunny Misbrenner told me about your blog. I LOVED Barbara Stanwyck!!!! What an actress! She was amazing. I’m a fan of all these ladies on your blog. Check out my blog if you want a laugh …

  3. Bonjour! So glad I stopped by to find all these wonderful photos. I always thought Barbara Stanwyck was beautiful and a wonderful actress.
    Merci for following my blog and your kind comments. I’ve added my name to follow you back to the old days of Hollywood glamour and wearing all those divine dresses!

  4. Thank you so much Miss Bunny! I really appreciate the comments. I will check out your blog too. Have a glamorous weekend! Kori <3

  5. Hey Blondie,

    Great blog! Ran into it through Martha…I’m gonna spread the word…I know people besides myself, who would love this…movie stars, boxing gloves, over plucked eyebrows…you get the point. Will visit again!


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