Doris Day

I wanted to focus on a singer today, and got the best of both worlds with Doris Day. Not only did she have an amazing voice, but was a very talented actress as well. Born Doris Von Kappelhoff, in 1924, “While still a teenager, she changed her last name to Day when she began singing on radio. She worked as a vocalist in the bands of Barney Rapp and Bob Crosby before joining Les Brown’s band in 1940 and making several popular recordings, among them “Sentimental Journey.” Day went solo in 1947 and achieved great success as a recording artist. Her singing was distinguished by crystal-clear tone and the ability to convey great emotion without histrionics.”
Doris made 39 films and recorded over 650 songs. She had that “good girl” image that was often in contrast with some of the sexy film sirens of the day. One of my favorite songs, “Que Sera Sera,” (which is on my playlist) won an Academy Award for Best Original Song in Alfred Hitchcock’s The Man Who Knew Too Much (1956), and it ultimately became her signature song.
After things started to become more “free” in America in the 60’s, her films were not as popular with some any longer. She had a wholesome appearance, some even calling her “the world’s oldest virgin.”
Doris had some financial troubles, because of poor choices made by her 3rd husband, Marty Melcher. Melcher died April 20, 1968. “After nearly two decades as a top star, Day was shocked to discover that her husband of 17 years and his business partner Jerome Bernard Rosenthal had squandered her earnings, leaving her deeply in debt. Rosenthal had been her attorney since the late 1940s, and he represented her in May 31, 1949, in her uncontested divorce action against her second husband, songwriter, George W. Weidler. In February 1969, Day filed suit against Rosenthal and won the then-largest civil judgment (over $20 million) until that time in the state of California.”
Doris still lives in Carmel, CA, under a different name, Clara Kapelhoff. She still remains one of the most loved actresses and singers of all time. Here are some photos I love of the wholesome Doris Day. 
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  1. Personally, I think Doris Day was seriously sexy (wholesome image or not). She was gorgeous, she was funny, but most of all – that voice!!! MmmmmmOHBABY!!! One of the few women in the world who could turn me on by singing to me! Two weeks with Marilyn would probably have been all I could take, but I doubt that I could ever have got enough of Doris. She really had it all (except for a decent man).

  2. Hello Blondie!
    Stopped by for a quick browse and to say thanks for following my blog. I will be following yours, too, as I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!! All these vintage photos and pin-ups, the great actresses and the black and white pics – gorgeous!
    Doris Day has always been one of my favorites: fine singer, actress, and comedienne. Life has not always been kind to her, but she has the sweetest personality, and I love her for her contributions to animal rights.
    This is such a fun site!

  3. Hey, I just came across your blog. It is fabulous. :) I love Doris Day. She was so gorgeous with so much innocence still in her. :) And what a great actress.

  4. Wonderful images. I’ve always been inspired by DD’s classic, doe-eyed beauty and style. I especially love her hair in that second shot, it’s quite different than most styles she sported.

    Oodles of hugs!
    ♥ Jessica

  5. I have never known much about Doris, though I love her movies, so thankyou for this charming post. I adore your blog – beautiful AND interesting….thankyou for your inspiration today – I am now a follower !! XO

  6. Thanks for the sweet comment! Everytime I look at your blog I want to pull my old medium format film camera’s out!

  7. She was so adorable :) great post, and pics doll!

    btw, weird…you should be able to post a comment once you scroll down to the bottom of the post the ‘comment’ option should be there. Let me know if you’re still having problems with it so that I can fix it :)

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