Thank you so much to all of my new followers (friends)! I am shocked at the amount of wonderful comments and support I am getting, especially since my blog is so new. You all rock! I love comments and always try to respond to them, so please keep them coming!
You have inspired me to post again today. I came across some pics of Grace Kelly and simply sighed. She was such an unbelievable beauty, and so many of us idolize her because of her princess status.
One of my favorite Hitchcock movies is “Rear Window.” She was so amazing to watch in that film. Those clothes, that hair, that smile! “After giving up her acting career and marrying Prince Rainier Grimaldi III of Monaco to become Her Serene Highness Princess Grace of Monaco. She had three children: Princess Caroline, Prince Albert, and Princess St√©phanie. Grace died on 14 September 1982 after her car went off a road in the cliffs of Monaco.”
Here are some pics of the fabulous Princess. Enjoy! 
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  1. She is truly a beauty! Thanks ladies, for the amazing compliments and comments! I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! Kori <3

  2. I absolutely love Grace Kelly, she is one of my favorite classic actresses! She was great in To Catch A Thief and High Society and the clothes she wore were amazing! Thanks for the pics :)

  3. Good Morning!!!

    I am so happy you found me in the Blog world and on Facebook… I am so excited!!!!

    I am an old Hollywood buff!!! I was watching old movies and learning about the stars at a very young age… 7 maybe. HUGE!!! At the time I could only really see old movies while visiting my Grandma in Kansas City, because I came from a small town and the city is the only place that had independent channels… and to my luck they played old movies and old TV shows… I came to love them all… Mickey Mouse Club, Leave It to Beaver, Father Knows Best and on and on…. I have had a retro mind since I was a wee gal…

    Hugs and I am so excited to meet you!!!

    Just A Gal…

  4. Hello!

    Thank you for following my blog…..thought I would visit yours and I knew immediately I would like it!!

    I love Grace Kelly too, in fact I have a couple of these same photos….I have visited Monaco a few times and the other year went to a wonderful exhibition to commemorate the 25 anniversary of her death. She was so beautiful.

    I love glamour and all the old movie stars too….I have a photo of Lauren Bacall in my sidebar, she is wonderful.

    Happy Friday!


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