Hedy Lamarr

Hedy Lamarr is the newest actress to add to the blog. She was born in 1913 and was one of the most well known actresses of the 1940’s. Hedy was absolutely gorgeous from a very young age, and was even known as “the most beautiful woman in film.”
Hedy was married six times (yes six!) and had a very interesting personal life. She even drugged her maid to escape one of her husbands in order to come to New York! Hedy signed with Louis B. Mayer of MGM Studios.
She dated silent comedian Charlie Chaplin in 1941, and had flings with Burgess Meredith and several other actors. Lamarr married producer Gene Markey in 1939, divorcing him the following year. For four years she was married to English actor John Loder and had two children by him. Later in life Lamarr was married three more times, to bandleader Teddy Stauffer, Texas oil magnate Howard Lee, and lawyer Lewis Boles. All her marriages ended in divorce. Another man with whom Lamarr may have been romantically involved was composer George Antheil.
There were other scandals also: Lamarr was arrested in 1966 for shoplifting at Macy’s department store, but was acquitted. She complained to a columnist that she had once had a $7 million income but by the late 1960s was subsisting on a $48-a-week pension.
She stayed out of the spotlight in her later years, mostly due to poorly done plastic surgery, and died in 2000.
What an interesting woman! Here are some gorgeous shots of Hedy Lamarr. Enjoy! Kori <3
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  1. LOVE Hedy!!! She was so gorgeous, she kind of does remind me of Vivien Leigh and also of Paulette Goddard (both of their stories are so great as well). Vogue did a wonderful story of Hedy in this months issue. Did you know she was shoplifting sexy undies!?! How tragic. Love this post Kori!

  2. Bonjour! Hedy was a true beauty, so sad her life was not so pretty! I always thought she and Vivien Leigh look like sisters. Great look in the first photo – chiffon and pearls.

  3. Hi Blondie,
    Excuse my grammer and spelling…LOL. Hedy Lamar was just one gorgeous woman.She had a rough going.Six husbans. I have one to many.
    You like the same music I do .I hear.I have What a difference a day makes. Do you have Ite magic.Its really pretty too.I only listen to old music mostly.
    I love your blog, its really kool. You take care, XXOO Marie Antionette

  4. I am loving reading your blog – I didn’t think anyone else of my age had even heard of Hedy Lamarr!!! I can remember watching her in movies with my mother :)

    She was beautiful wasn’t she and I loved reading more about her….how awful that she had plastic surgery that went wrong, especially when she had been so stunning all her life :(

    Happy Week-end!

  5. Such ravishing grace, style, timeless allure. She was, and will forever be, one of Hollywood’s most beautiful women.

    Thank you sweetly for your comments, honey, I hope you’re having a marvelous weekend!
    ♥ Jessica

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