Jackie O

I want to focus on women of style throughout history. One of the first women I thought of was JACQUELINE LEE BOUVIER KENNEDY, or as we more commonly know her, “Jackie O.” I never really thought of Jackie as a “true beauty,” but there is definitely something about her. Her sense of style is classic. She brought class, culture, beauty, and intelligence to her position as first lady. She always appeared full of self control and poise. Here are some of my favorite images of Jackie. I hope you enjoy them. 
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  1. Thanks for all the comments ladies…it seems the general consensus is that we love Jackie in one way or another! Classic! Kori <3

  2. i love her shes so classic , i saw her wedding dress at the Victoria and Albert museum in London i wish i would have had my camera to take pics

  3. Love the photos Kori. I also have a fascination with her, and love how she left her touch on the White House decor too. Take care, Martha

  4. I’ve always thought the same as you as she is not a “true beauty”, however, she definitely had an amazing sense of style and carried herself with such confidence.

    Lovely Post! Looking forward to future installments!!

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