Arthur and Marilyn–destined for disaster?

Well it’s that time of year again. I am going to bore my students to death with my excitement over teaching Arthur Miller’s The Crucible. They just can’t understand why I would possibly be thrilled over a drama about 1600’s witches in Salem, Mass. Oh geez! Teenagers!

As many of you know, Arthur Miller was married for a time to my favorite, Marilyn Monroe. So I thought it only fitting I do a post on them both.

Miller was born in Harlem, NY and became a famous playwright fairly quickly. He is known for his works, such as Death of a Salesman, The Misfits (which starred Marilyn), The Crucible, and several others. Miller was accused of being a communist during the McCarthyism era. Senator Joe McCarthy from Wisconsin, accused several writers, directors, and actors in Hollywood of being traders to their country. There was a hearing where the accused were brought before the HUAC or House Committee on UnAmerican Activities. Miller refused to name anyone else as a communist and was therefore held in contempt of court. The conviction was overturned, but still caused problems for his career.

Arthur Miller met in 1955 and were married in 1956. The marriage was tumultuous to say the least. Marilyn was extremely insecure and needed to be constantly stroked by Miller. In spite of her silver screen persona, the most desired woman suffered multiple miscarriages from her marriage to Miller, this made her condition worse since Miller was not around at the time of tragedy. Her mental state was unstable as she was allegedly schizophrenic. At times charming and suddenly aggressive, though she wanted to be liked by all, she would do things to hurt those closest to her.

Miller couldn’t take the ups and downs of Marilyn’s personality. After a couple of suicide attempts from drug overdose and being rescued each time, it grew clear that she was trying to kill herself. Arthur tried to revive their relationship by writing the script of ‘The Misfits’ for her. Finally Miller left Monroe, after a relationship of exhaustion and confusion. He went on to link up with Inge Morath, the Magnum photographer he met on the set of The Misfits, just a month later. This truly devastated Marilyn, since it is known by most that Miller was the love of her life.

Here are some photos of Marilyn and Arthur throughout their relationship! Have a great Wednesday! Enjoy!


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  1. I’ve heard (and read) so many conflicting stories about the tumultuous relationship these two shared, yet for all the strife they faced, I think that there was a time (early one) when they were deeply happy without another. I feel for both of them and wish that these two creative souls could have made it work…somehow.

    Thank you dearly for your wonderful comments, honey, I hope you have an amazing weekend!
    ♥ Jessica

  2. I have never seen The Crucible but I’ve heard nothing but wonderful things about it! Yet another I shall have to check out! Thanks. By the way, your blog is fabulous! Love the music!


  3. i have never read the crucible. srsly? what is wrong with our schools? but now, i am thinking about giving it a try.

  4. Great post! Enjoyed catching up on your blog. Looks like you are making progress on the novel :) I can see you would be so busy. Your lovely blog is so detailed. Have a good evening!

  5. Yes, Nick is the local go-to realtor :) He loves what he does! Do your parents live in La Verne as well? That is so cool how I just stumbled across your blog and found out you’re from La Verne. If you don’t have plans for tonight, there is a Blog Out Loud event in Santa Monica at Design Within Reach from 6-8pm. I’d say we should carpool, but I’m driving straight to there from work! It should be a fun event!

  6. Stephanie–you have to check it out! Winona Ryder, Daniel Day Lewis and a ton of other great actors. It’s really good!

    Kathie–Thanks for the comments sweetie! Hope you are having a great day! Kori xoxo

  7. Hey, doll! I have never watched The Crucible before, so I might have to get it on Netflix. :) Also, Marilyn looked fabulous in these pics. She was just so gorgeous. :)

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