Dorothy Lamour

Dorothy Lamour was a true beauty, who was often mistaken for being South American, because of her French Louisianian heritage. She entered a Miss New Orleans pageant at an early age and won in 1931. After moving from New Orleans to Chicago, she met Louis B. Mayer while doing a cabaret show. He arranged for her to do her first screen test, which resulted in a contract with Paramount in 1935.

Early in her career, Lamour met J. Edgar Hoover (the director of the F.B.I.) and he pursued her actively for years. There are rumors that the two had an affair for years! Juicy!

The role that made her famous was her character Ulah in “The Jungle Princess.” She wore a sarong, and therefore became a pin up girl for many of the servicemen of the time. She went on to have a very successful acting career, and died at the age of 81 in her Hollywood home. Here are some gorgeous pictures of Dorothy! Have a great Friday! Enjoy!

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  1. She was such a stunner, and a talented actress as well. I’ve always thought that she had a very cherubic face, so sweet and beautiful. I’m sure she was a muse for many in her day.

    Huge thanks for your marvelous comments, Kori sweetie. I agree so much, it would be awesome if we lived closer and could get together for a gab fest about all thing vintage :D

    Oodles of hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  2. Yes, the movie I most remember her by is The Jungle Princess.

    I didn’t know about her and Hoover. Hmmm, does sound juicy.

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