Emily Blunt

I love Emily Blunt. Maybe it’s her character in The Devil Wears Prada, or her amazing fashion, but I love her all the same. If you have never seen the film, you must check it out. She is a English actress who is engaged to The Office’s John Krasinski. Not much is known about her because she is fairly new to Hollywood, but I can’t wait to see what she becomes. Check out these gorgeous shots of her and have a great Sunday friends! Go Broncos!


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  1. Adore her! What a classic beauty! I did not know she was engaged. What happened to Michael Buble? I must be behind with the times!

  2. Oh I love her too! Ever since I saw a small, independent film with her in it…I can’t remember the title. But her performance was definitely the best part.

  3. Carol, you should rent “Wind Chill” so you can see it without commercial interruptions–it is quite scarey!! I’m glad she’s with John K–they complement each other in many ways. Great post!!

  4. She was great in Devil Wears Prada! And the only other thing I’ve seen her in was Wind Chill. It was on Lifetime a couple of weeks ago, and I only saw the last 10 minutes of it, but it looked interesting!
    I’m having so much fun on your blog each time I visit! It’s a great change from all of the decorating and crafty blogs that I normally read!

  5. Loved her in Prada, but these photos are amazing! Especially that first one; not very realistic, (she’s being laced into her dress AFTER she’s dressed?!) but it makes for a gorgeous picture!

  6. She is so pretty and I loved her in The Devil Wears Prada!

    I’m also jealous of her because she dated Michael Buble.

  7. Oh, she’s so gorgeous isn’t she, she really has an amazing quality about her. You have picked some lovely photos of her :)

  8. I love this post! she’s really pretty. She freakishly reminds me of Katy Perry for some reason. Great one ;)

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