Fine Man Friday–Johnny Depp

Ok, it’s Fine Man Friday LOL and after posting on my vintage boyfriend yesterday (Elvis), I am going to give you some info on my current boyfriend Johnny Depp. Of course most of you know that my boyfriend Johnny got his big break playing Officer Tom Hanson on 21 Jump Street years ago. What a great show. Remember it? Young twenty-somethings going back to high school undercover to catch the criminals. I melt.

Johnny was born in Kentucky and is of German, Cherokee, and Irish descent. He has had a very long acting career, most notably in working with Tim Burton. Although he had a series of high profile relationships and was known for his partying ways, he has since matured and moved to France, where he lives with his children and spouse Vanessa Paradis. What’s your favorite Johnny film? I have two…”Blow” and “Secret Window.” Hope his pics bring a smile to your face. Have a wonderful weekend friends!

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  1. Mmmmmmmmmmm! You chose some of my favourite Johnny photographers. I see Annie Leibovitz (she who took the famous bed picture … *dribble*), Wayne Maser (though I prefer the one with the saw held to his throat .. *more dribble*) and Mark Seliger, who has done some gorgeous photos including the delicious one with the slide guitar and the brooding look. (Scuse me while I just wipe down my keyboard).

    My favourite movie? That would be From Hell. He is so good in everything he does, though. I loved Ninth Gate, too, and Secret Window, and The Libertine (though it made me cry). Pirates, naturally – who wouldn’t love Jack? Benny and Joon is very sweet, Dead Man is almost perfect, except that awful soundtrack, and Gilbert Grape is a great movie. Then there’s Chocolat .. wait, I’ll be running through them all! LOL!

    Nice post. Thanks for the drool. ;)

  2. Be still my bad boy loving heart, these photos are enough to make a gal go weak in the knees! Such a scrumptious selection of photos to help chase away to the dreariness of a rainy Sunday! :)

    Wishing you a day as gorgeous as Johnny!
    ♥ Jessica

  3. I have been thinking a lot about 21 Jump Street lately… with all the old shows on, I would have expected 21JS to be showing on at least one channel! I wonder why it isn’t?

    Fave Depp movie is Chocolate.

  4. Wow..Johnny is a popular man! Thanks for all the hilarious comments today friends. I hope you all have a great weekend! Kori xoxo

  5. The teenage girls around here adore Johnny. They love him in Pirates of the Caribbean. As for me, I liked him most in Secret Window.

  6. Elvis is still my boyfriend. And I was a huge fan of 21 Jump Street w Holly Robinson (Peete) and Dom DeLouise’s son.

  7. When I see his perfect face, I think things that cannot even be written…and dark secrets like these will only be shared with a ‘bad boy’ like JD. Swoon….

  8. I think my favorite Johnny movie is “The Libertine.” He was so amazing in that film and deserved a nomination!!! Johnny visited his hometown on Halloween one year while I was still at UK. It was of course in the University paper, and every girl on campus was oohing and ahhing, trying to find his mother’s house so we could stalk him!!

  9. I’m sorry to disappoint you dahhling but Mr. Depp and I have been happily married for quite some time. We met on the set of Don Juan de Marco, and have been inseparable ever since! LOL, so yes he is my fantasy husband and it is true I met him on the set of movie; I was an extra in one of the scenes! LOL He is a sight for sore eyes isn’t he? ;)

  10. even though it’s not his “hottest” look in a movie… I love Edward Scissorhands forever and always. In high school one of my best friends worked at a video store and being Depp obsessed would bring home EVERY movie promo item with him on it!

  11. Amazing pick!! He is gorgeous. Ohh I’m so in love with Johnny depp. People say he’s actually a nice guy which makes me omg love him more. I’d do anything to meet him one day. =)

  12. I hate to break the news to you but Johnny is cheating on you with me! :)
    PS there is nothing sexier than a man who can roll his own cigerette.

  13. You’re ALL deluding yourselves! COP ON he’s with ME! Fav. movie Benny & Joon. Also with Aidan Quinn Love him too!
    Johnny is looking manlier & more delicious with age..Love his quirky edge..oh good gawd I need a cold drink..feeling dizzy

  14. Well, I guess I’m glad to finally find out that MY boyfriend Johnny has been cheating on me with you! The things you find out on blogs!
    Have a great weekend!

  15. Oooh you sure have great taste in boyfriends LOL!!!

    Fab photos of Elvis and Johnny….YUM!!!

    Love your blog!

    Happy Week-end :)

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