I read a bio on Elizabeth (Liz) Taylor about a year ago and had no idea what her life entailed. Liz has definitely been spoiled most of her life, but most don’t know that she was responsible for supporting her family from a very early age.

Liz’s mother was a former stage actress and her father was an art dealer. Because of her father’s art dealings, he came into contact with many many famous people of the time. National Velvet, of course made Liz famous, and set her for life as one of Hollywood’s true beauties.

We all know about the scandals involving Liz, including her 8 marriages. But, she does remain one of the most respected, beautiful actresses Hollywood has to offer. My favorite role of hers was definitely Cleopatra. Check out some of the photos of Liz and have a great Sunday!

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  1. Elizabeth Taylor come in right behind Marilyn Monroe for me! I love her!

    I even named one of my dogs after her!

  2. Thanks for all the fabulous comments all! I tried to comment back on each of your blogs unless you either don’t have new posts, or I already commented today on something else! I always appreciate your feedback! Kori xoxo

  3. There was a Liz Taylor movie on the tv last night… can’t remember the title :( And I only caught the end of it :( :( But I agree. She’s stunningly beautiful.

  4. Perhaps her greatest role has been as a tireless champion in the fight against AIDS–she has truly given so much of herself in this regard. And I do believe that her eyes were always regarded as violet rather than blue, but no matter what color, they are so so beautiful. She is a remarkable woman.

  5. Liz is one of those actresses for whom the older I grow, the more I find myself enamoured with them. I know that she’s had a very tumultuous life and has often been a magnet for cheap tabloid puck shoots, but to me she will always be one of the most definitive and skilled actresses of her generation.

    Thank you dearly for your wonderful comments, Kori honey! I sincerely hope that you an amazing week ahead!
    ♥ Jessica

  6. I absolutely love Liz Taylor. From very early on to present time. Although she’s done a few things that are questionable, I truly respect all the work she has done for charity..and of course, her acting is beyond superb! Bravo for featuring her today.


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