Victoria Beckham

People either seem to love or hate Victoria Beckham. True, she doesn’t smile often (if at all), but does have a fabulous sense of humor. Although I never liked her in the Spice Girls, I have grown to love her sense of style over the past few years. She has a retro style, that at times can come across a little flashy, or even trashy, but I love it all the same. One thing she does really well is try new things (even if they don’t work), and always has fabulous shoes, hair, and sunglasses. Check out some of my favorite photos of her in some vintage and current style clothing. Have a great Thursday! Enjoy!

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  1. I’ve often wondered why for all positives she seems to have in her lavish life (mountains of money, fame, a beautiful family, etc), she smiles so little. Perhaps there is a lot of sadness secretly dwelling in her that makes smiling too painful.

    Joyful wishes for a marvelous Saturday, darling!
    ♥ Jessica

  2. i adore vickie! it does amaze me how often she is photographed not smiling as she does have a gorgeous one and like you said, the woman is hilarious! and what a style icon. great post :)

  3. Oh yeah, I would love to be galpals with her, I think she’d be hysterical. Real sense of humour apparently. Though when I see pic’s of her I think…gosh I have to lose some weight :o

  4. mmmm well I can’t stand her! Her look is so contrived. Sheis not & will never be a PATCH on true glamour.All that ‘shine’s with her is money-not necessary for real gamour.True glamour is within from the beginning & not acquired. And sheshould try to regain a womanly figure as it’s been a while sinceshe was a little 10 year old!

  5. Oh my Gosh! I love those gals! They are amazing & so sweet. Their taste is flawless!!! Have you been to the boutique? It’s heaven on earth!!! They are a mother-daughter duo and the best people you’ll ever meet! We’ll have to go to the shop :)

  6. I have to agree with you ladies..she needs a cheeseburger or two! Too skinny but still impeccable style! Kori xoxo

  7. Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog the other day…your blog is so lovely. I agree people usually love or hate her….I really don’t mind her and she does have a great fashion sense. She could wear anything and make it look lovely!

  8. I love her style, really quite classic if you look past the few flashy and trashy outfits she dons every once and a while. Although not really a looker, she absolutely makes the best of what God gave her. A little too skinny and severe at times but I guess that is the persona she thinks works for her. Her dress line is simply gorgeous!

  9. J’adore Victoria! It’s funny how she was the least popular one during the Spice Girls time, and now she’s the most famous of all 5!

    I agree she has her times were she can look trashy, but mostly, she has briliant moments!

  10. I think she is very stylish.She always seems to look really classy.But I do think she is a bit to thin.I saw her in a few pics she almost looked anoerexic.

  11. I think she has amazing personal style! She’s so unafraid to try new things and new hairstyles. Not to mention, her husband is a hottie! : )

    P.S.- I added your button to my blog! It’s so cute!

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