Fine Man Friday–John Stamos

Ok, time to return to Fine Man Friday. It’s time for some eye candy ladies. What is it with me and John’s or Johnny’s (Depp that is). I have loved John Stamos since he was Blackie on General Hospital. Here is some info about him and of course some adorable pics. Enjoy your weekend darlings!

–Dated his “General Hospital” (1963) co-star Demi Moore.

–Chosen by People magazine as one of the 50 Most Beautiful People in the world [1990].

–He purchased a Disneyland entrance sign for over $30,000 for ex-wife Rebecca to commemorate their first date at Disneyland.

–Dated Paula Abdul. Once said that if it wasn’t for the media, they would still be together. (My dad did work on Paula Abdul’s house when they were dating and actually got me his autograph!)

–Was considered for the role of Cyclops on X-Men (2000). The part ultimately went to James Marsden.

–Plays the drums, and was the touring drummer for The Beach Boys at one time.

–His father was of Greek heritage, and his mother is of Irish and English heritage.

–Loves Elvis Presley.

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  1. Such a perpetual cutie! I remember having a wee bit of a school girl crush on him when he was on Full House ;D

    Lovely fella, delightful post, Kori dear!

    ♥ Jessica

  2. It’s funny, I never thought he was attractive when I watched Full House (probably because of the mullet lol) but once he got shorter hair and I got older, he got hotter by the minute. That music video he did is still engraved in my mind haha.

  3. Thanks for the pics! He gets more gorgeous all the time! (This is just an opinion) but he is the most beautiful man on God’s green earth!

  4. Love love this post Kori.I love love John Stamos.Hes gorgeous, funny and sweet.hes a koukla(doll in greek).I loved him in full house as well.

    have a great weekend1

  5. Oh Blondie…you make me think bad thoughts…I’m a taken women and I should not have these thoughts…hee hee!

    I’m with you girl, have adored this gorgeous man for the longest time. Thanks sweets for the delicious eye candy.

    Love and hugs,

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