Glen Glenn Troutman

So many of you might never have heard of Glen Glenn, but I just found out that my he is my boyfriend’s uncle! He was popular in the 1950’s here and continues to be popular in Europe for his rockabilly sound. I am in love with his sound and even have some of his songs on my playlist. Here is some information and pics. If you remember him or know who he is, let me know!

GLEN GLENN was one of the many talented singers of the 1950’s who did not reach the success he was worth. He was born as Glen Troutman on the 24th of October, 1934 in Joplin, Missouri. He lived there with his family till they moved to San Dimas, California. Soon after his arrival in California, Glen started playing guitar. After a short time he met Gary Lambert who was a gifted guitar player and they started playing country music. Then in 1952 they decided to try making it in the music business, so they left school.

THEIR FIRST SUCCESS in country music was in 1952 when they won a talent spot at the “Squeakin’ Deacon Show” at the “Riverside Rancho” in Los Angeles. In 1954 they started to appear regularly in many local country bars like the “Country Barn Dance” in Baldwin Park. Those days they called themselves “Glen & Gary – the Missouri Mountain Boys.”

IN EARLY 1956 Glen & Gary started touring Missouri and the states around together with Glen’s cousin Porter Wagoner. Their tour was very successful and they appeared on many TV show like the “Ozark Jubilee” and the “Circle 7 Jamboree.”

LATE IN 1956 Glen was back home again in California and joined the Maddox Brothers and Retta Maddox. They toured a lot and appeared on a TV show called “Cal’s Coral.” Glen also became involved with Rockabilly then – which was new to his style.

“KATHLEEN” and “ONE CUP OF COFFEE” were the first two demos Glen made in 1957, and so he was searching for a record contract. But although some record companies were interested, he did not get an firm offer so he decided to record some more in January of 1958.

THIS TIME he had better luck and signed a contract with Herb Newman and Lew Bedell (ERA Records) in February of 1958. Soon “Everybody’s Moving” b/w “I’m Glad My Baby’s Gone” were ready for release. This minor success was followed by “Laurie Ann” b/w “One Cup of Coffee” (ERA 1074) and this was really a big hit, but since Glen had been drafted on January 20th, 1958, he was not able to promote his records in the right way and so his last single on ERA “Would Ya” b/w “Blue Jeans and a Boy’s Shirt” wasn’t a huge success when it was released in late 1958.

NEARLY AT THE SAME TIME Lew Bedell left the corporation to form his own label, Dore’, and took some of ERA artists with him – one of them was Glen. In the spring of 1959 Dore’ produced “Goofin’ Around b/w “Susie Green from Abilene” in cooperation with the Ernie Freeman Band, but that wasn’t a big hit either.

WHEN GLEN quit the Army in December of 1959, he returned back to his music business. He married in 1961 and after releasing his last single in 1964, he became fed up with touring around the states and decided to take a daytime job (with General Dynamics), quit the music scene and spend time with his family.

1987 found Glen in Europe, playing a few shows in Holland for the “Rockhouse Festival” and then on to Great Britain. In 1993 went back to tour Europe again performing 9 sell-out concerts in 5 countries.

Glen has the unique distinction of performing with the best drummers in the business: D.J. Fontana (Elvis), W.S. Holland (Carl Perkins & Johnny Cash), Dickie Harrell (Gene Vincent’s Blue Caps), Slim Jim Phantom (Stray Cats), Sandy Nelson (#1 solo artist), Dick Richards (Bill Haley’s Comets), Richie Frost (Ricky Nelson).

His tune “Everybody’s Movin'” has been covered by “The Boss,” Bob Dylan, Brain Setzer, Neil Young and Tom Petty.

Glen cut nine albums in the 1950’s.

While in the Army, he entertained troupes in Hawaii, Korea and Japan.

His single, “Laurie Ann,” was once the Pick Hit of the Week on Dick Clark’s American Bandstand.

Glen has sung with a host superstars such as: Elvis, Buddy Holly, Buck Owens, Glen Campbell, Tommy Collins, Lefty Frizzell, Carl Perkins, Slim Whitman, Joe Maphis, Wanda Jackson, Carl Smith, Justin Tubb, Ferlin Husky, Merle Travis, Marty Robbins, Robin Luke, The Everly Brothers and others.

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  1. Well, I do know Glen. He worked for me several years at General Dynamics as a lead man in the Stinger Missile stockroom. He was a very special person and loved his music. It was a shame that he didnt continue his dream in his early years. He did have alot of sucess later in life. At work, Glen did a super job and was always willing to talk about music and all the friends he make in the music business. On the job, Glen did his thing, but when he got on stage, it was like magic, as he really put on the show. I have a yearbook of his career and shortly before I retired from GD, he gave it to me and autographed for me. As meny people have posted, they never heard of him and that a real shame. Glen was good, he was real and just plain loved music. He now lives a quiet life in Ontario, Cal. Take care dear Friend. Jim Taylo

  2. How extremely wonderful to have a musical legend so near to you! I admit I’d never heard of him before either, but love that now, should I ever hear of him again, I can instantly pip up and say, with a big smile, my friend knows him personally! :)

    Huge hugs & blissful Wednesday wishes, sweetie!
    ♥ Jessica

  3. I never even heard of him until your post. I will definitely be checking him out and listening to see if I recognize any of the songs. Thanks Kori.

  4. Like Kristen, I’ve seen the name Glen Glenn on closing credits – I KNOW I’ve seen it on the Andy Griffith Show, and maybe Brady Bunch and one or more of Lucy’s shows. Seems like quite a few more. I’m thinking the credit always said “Glen Glenn Sound” or “Glen Glenn Studio.”
    Same Glen Glenn?

  5. How interesting, i have never heard of Glen Glenn before. I’ll have to see if i can find some of his tracks.

    As for the header, when i put the photo on there, i thought, hmm, that looks strangely familiar. It took a while to realise you had the same one! x

  6. A fun and interesting story. Thanks for introducing us to Glen Glen, I’m living in Europe so I’ll ask around if anyone has heard his music. Your holiday layout looks great! Are you rested up from your novel?

  7. What a fun discovery! I must confess I’ve never heard of Glen Glenn until now. Thanks for the introduction.

    I love your new blog layout! Very festive (and Marilyn looks marvelous, as always :)


  8. Two quick Glen Glenn-related comments for you. :)

    First, I remember seeing the name Glen Glenn in the closing credits of Little House on the Prairie. Did he have any affiliation with the show?

    And second (the only reason I ever noticed the name in the credits of Little House), I know a very nice guy named Glen Glenn. Not the same one, though, but fun coincidence.

    Love reading your posts, as always!
    Kristen :)

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