Some Like it Hot

Can you believe Christmas is only 10 days away? Hope you have all your shopping done and aren’t too stressed. I have had to change my settings on my comments, since I am now getting spam, so your comments won’t be posted until my approval. I hate that.

Today’s movie review is starring Marilyn herself in “Some Like it Hot.” I thought it only fitting to do a write up on one of Marilyn’s films since so much of my blog is dedicated to her!

Here are some fun facts about the film and some pics to go along with it. Have a great “hump” day friends!

–Director Billy Wilder originally wanted Frank Sinatra as Jerry/Daphne.

–Director Billy Wilder’s choice for the role of Sugar was Mitzi Gaynor, not Marilyn Monroe.

–Marilyn Monroe required 47 takes to get “It’s me, Sugar” correct, instead saying either “Sugar, it’s me” or “It’s Sugar, me”. After take 30, Billy Wilder had the line written on a blackboard. Another scene required Monroe to rummage through some drawers and say “Where’s the bourbon?” After 40 takes of her saying “Where’s the whiskey?”, ‘Where’s the bottle?”, or “Where’s the bonbon?”, Wilder pasted the correct line in one of the drawers. After Monroe became confused about which drawer contained the line, Wilder had it pasted in every drawer. Fifty-nine takes were required for this scene and when she finally does say it, she has her back to the camera, leading some to wonder if Wilder finally gave up and had it dubbed.

–A preview audience laughed so hard in the scene where Jack Lemmon announces his engagement that a lot of the dialogue was missed. It had to be re-shot with pauses (and the maraca gimmick) added.

–Billy Wilder referring to Marilyn Monroe while making the movie: “We were in mid-flight, and there was a nut on the plane.” Indeed, Wilder publicly blasted Monroe for her behavior, and she was not invited to the wrap party.

–The resort scenes were filmed entirely at the Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego, California. One reason why Billy Wilder chose this location was Marilyn Monroe’s ongoing personal problems. He wanted a location where she could live on site and not have to be transported. (Rumor has it that Marilyn still haunts the hotel).

–Tony Curtis has said that he asked Billy Wilder if he could imitate Cary Grant for his stint as the millionaire in the movie. Wilder liked it and they shot it that way. Apparently, Grant saw the parody of himself and stated, “I don’t talk like that.”

–Danny Kaye and Bob Hope were considered for the roles that went to Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis.

–In the climactic scene, George Raft lifts half a grapefruit to push in the face of one of his henchmen. This is a homage to fellow gangster actor James Cagney’s similar act in The Public Enemy (1931).

–Marilyn Monroe was pregnant during the filming, as a result she looked considerably heavier. She had no known children and several miscarriages in her life. Due to her pregnancy, most of the publicity still photos were posed for by both ‘Sandra Warner’ (who had an uncredited role as one of the band members) and Monroe’s frequent stand-in Evelyn Moriarty with Monroe’s head superimposed later.

–The railroad passenger car that was used in this movie (Clover Colony) is now at the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum in Chattanooga, Tennessee where it can be used in excursion/local service.

–Stories of the difficulty that cast and crew had with Marilyn Monroe during the making of this film have grown to almost mythical proportions. In the “farewell” telephone conversation between Monroe and Tony Curtis, her side-to-side eye movements clearly reveal that she was reading her lines directly from an off-screen blackboard. According to Curtis, Monroe was routinely 2 to 3 hours late to the set, and occasionally refused to leave her dressing room.

–Supposedly when Orry-Kelly was measuring all three stars for dresses, he half-jokingly told Marilyn Monroe, “Tony Curtis has a nicer butt than you,” at which point Monroe pulled open her blouse and said, “Yeah, but he doesn’t have tits like these!”

–Marilyn Monroe wanted the film to be shot in color (her contract stipulated that all her films were to be in color), but Billy Wilder convinced her to let it be shot in black and white when costume tests revealed that the makeup that Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon wore gave their faces a green tinge.

–Jerry Lewis was offered the role of Jerry/Daphne but declined because he didn’t want to dress in drag. When Jack Lemmon received an Oscar nomination for the role that Lewis gave up, Lewis claims he sent him chocolates every year to thank him and now regrets not taking the part.

–Marilyn Monroe recorded a vocal version for the theme to the film. It was to be played over the opening credits, but an instrumental overture took its place in the final version. The title track later appeared on an LP in the mid-’70s, with Marilyn’s three other songs from the film.

–In 2008, a Californian man who found a little black dress in his closet was stunned when appraisers for U.S. TV series “Antiques Roadshow” (1997) determined it once belonged to Marilyn Monroe. The frock – which Monroe was sewn into for Some Like It Hot (1959) – was estimated to be worth $250,000

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  1. This has to be my favorite Marilyn movie! She’s so naturally funny in it and sweet it was interesting to read she was so hard to work with. Have a great day Kori!
    p.s. you should get your package today :)

  2. LOVE this movie!! I was actually just in San Diego and was able to make a stop over at the Hotel Del…if you’ve never been – I highly suggest going around the holidays. It is stunning!


  3. What a great post – thank you for all this amazing on-set information from this film – I love Marilyn Monroe, she was amazing and have read just about every book ever written about her – I also love sketching her face, she is my favourite female subject – have a great Christmas buddy, cheers Val xo

  4. What a classic! One of my feel good selection. And what a great post! Very informative.

    I do like Danny Kaye do you? He would have played the part well I’d say but the dynamics turned out to be perfect with the line up.

    Thanks for the award petal!


  5. This is one of my ultimate favorite movies!!! I think Jack Lemmon & Tony Curtis are just absolutely hysterical!! I love the last scene with the “Nobody’s Perfect”. You can’t help but laugh.

    I had no idea all that stuff about the movie! Aww poor Mariyln. I love her line tho when she’s like, “I always get the fuzzy end of the lollipop”. Her lines are golden in this movie.

    Love this post dear!! Hope your having a good day!

  6. One of my favorite movies, and definately my favorite Marilyn movie! Like several have already commented, I didn’t know Marilyn was pregnant during filming. Interesting note!

  7. One of my all time favorites, but I knew virtually nothing about the the background. I cannot imagine anyone else in the starring roles; Marilyn, despite her many problems, was divine, Tony Curtis was at his manly best, and Jack Lemmon was a hoot!
    I had always noticed how heavy Marilyn appeared in this film, but knew not the reason; however, pregnant or not, drugged or not, she was still incredibly gorgeous and sexy.

  8. Hi Sweet Friend!

    I L-O-V-E this movie and once again some great behind the scenes info.

    I can’t help but feel sad reading about what a difficult time she had remembering her lines and being on time! I just adore her and I’m so happy that she’s adored and loved today by so many!

    Love and hugs,

  9. Bonjour Kori! This is my favorite Marilyn movie, it is so funny. Why don’t they make comedies like this anymore – probably because there will never be another trio like they were.
    Too bad about the spam, why are people like that? Just about finished with all for Christmas, how about you.
    Wishing you a stress-free week before Christmas!

  10. my fave xmas movie.Tony Curtis is wonderful doing his ham impression of Cary Grant from Bringing Up baby.
    Have a lovely Cristmas Blondie!

  11. I don’t know why I’m all of a sudden getting spam, but at least now I can comment back on all comments! Have a great day doll. Kori xoxo

  12. I love love love this film! It’s quite sad though that Marilyn had so many problems during this film. I’m glad that it turned out so fabulous in the end! xx

  13. This is such a brilliant movie, I never get tired of watching it.

    I loved reading all the information you have added about it – I knew some of it but did not know that MM was pregnant during the filming…wow!

    Whatever they all had to say about her and each other, as a trio her, Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis definitely worked, this is a movie that really stands the test of time.

    Great post!

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