Dark Passage

One of my favorite Bacall/Bogart films is “Dark Passage.” If you haven’t seen it, I will give you a little background and trivia.

Released in 1947, “Dark Passage” tells the story of convicted wife-murderer Vincent Parry (Bogart), desperately trying to prove his innocence.

–When Vincent reads the newspaper clipping about Irene’s father, the accompanying photograph of her father is that of director/screenwriter Delmer Daves.

–Franz Waxman’s main title music for this movie is exactly the same as that used in To Have and Have Not (1944), for which he was uncredited.

–Warner Bros. paid $25,000 for the rights to the David Goodis novel, which was serialized in The Saturday Evening Post from 20 July-September 7, 1946.

–The actual Art Deco apartment building used in the film (located at 1360 Montgomery St in San Francisco) is still standing as of December, 2008. The actual apartment is marked by a cardboard cut-out of Bogart, which can be seen from the street. The site is visited frequently by fans of vintage film noir.

–When Humphrey Bogart is riding in the car with Clifton Young during his escape, the voice on the radio is supplied by Dane Clark, another Warner’s player.

–The third of four films made by husband and wife Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall.

–The first film in which Humphrey Bogart wore a full hairpiece.


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  1. When I lived in San Francisco I had a friend who lived in that same Telegraph Hill neighborhood and she was always talking about “some building where they filmed some Bogart movie” but at the time the info wasn’t as easy to get as it is these days. Too bad, as I certainly would have made it a point to check it out. Guess that’ll be on my list of to-do’s when I go to SF this year! Thanks once again for a most interesting post!

  2. Hi there friends! I always appreciate all the comments and try to reply back to each one individually. I am a little behind this week, so I will be back to you tomorrow! Thanks for understanding! Kori xoxo

  3. Thank you for sharing…and for visiting me the other day. Your blog really is lovely. I too love all things vintage.
    I will put Dark Passage on my movie list and give it a watch sometime soon. I have always liked Lauren Bacall.

  4. I don’t think I ever saw this movie…. The first movie that I really enjoyed Bogart in was The African Queen cause’ I have always been a fan of Katherine Hepburn.
    Interesting Post….

  5. Love it! You will find me most Sunday watching at least one of these oldies on TMC…AMC is broadcasting movies more of our time, which really makes me feel old…smile!

    Yours in Health,

  6. Bonjour Lori,
    Yup, this film was another winner. Lauren was so cool and sophisticated, always thought she and Bogart made an odd couple, but true love sees other things. Speaking of love, you may want to have a peak at my latest post – I think you’ll be able to contribute a wonderful story!!
    Take care.

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