Dearly Departed Tour of Hollywood

Marilyn’s handprints on the walk of fame

Home used in “What Ever Happened to Baby Jane”

The LaBianca house from the Manson murders

The Rainbow Room

Bugsy Siegel’s House

Wow, it seems from the comments on Megan Fox, you all really don’t like her. I guess I’m not the only one! My friend Judy and I took a fabulous tour of Hollywood over the summer and it was so great, that we decided to take it again next Saturday! Scott Michaels is the owner of Dearly Departed Tours, based in Hollywood, CA. He is so incredibly knowledgeable about his subject matter (Hollywood) that we couldn’t believe how much we learned in just a short tour!

If you want to really get a great tour of Old Hollywood, check out his website, Dearly Departed Tours. You must take the tour and tell him I sent you!

I’m a little lonely today and am missing Jerry. I haven’t heard much from him since he’s been gone. Do you think he misses me? Arrrrggghhh, I’m not insecure, but I guess must really miss him.

Here are some pics of the last Dearly Departed tour we took.

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  1. Fascinating tour, I’ve read Helter Skelter several times but haven’t seen the LaBianca house that I remember. CREEEEEEEEEEEEEpy.
    Hope your Monday was lovely, and I meant to thank you for the lovely blog award when I last visited but I was distracted by M. Fox and her chest.

    Just found you and I will be back for more!

    Marily is one of my all time favorite Fabulous Ladies!!

    Sassy Chica

  3. It seems we share the same love for Marilyn! I got so many Marilyn things for Christmas I loved them all!!!
    I love your blog and I am jealous that you got to see Hollywood. I would love to go one day but for now I’ll just live vicariously through your blog :-)

  4. Hey Cutie! I see my girl Anita here, love her! I did the Hollywood home tour thing this past July. I am such a sucker for that. I dragged the hubby with me, and he even admitted to liking it! lol I miss CA………… :(
    Have a wonderful week. love deb

  5. I’m jealous!! I really want to go on one of those tours, but can never seem to find the time when I’m actually there. Sigh…oh well!

    So sorry about my comment from yesterday…I had a number of windows opened trying to get to everyone and I accidentally hit ok on yours :(


  6. Hey Blondie! Well, however way that you found me, I am glad that you did! So you are a high school English teacher!! COOL! I am a French Immersion fourth grade teacher. So today is the first day back after a long and wonderful two week vacation! Best of luck to you as you go back as well! We will see each other again I am sure! Anita

  7. I have always wanted to take that tour! I have that photo of Marilyn’s hand prints…I LOVE her!


  8. Hi, Blondie! Just jumping into the comments – again, hope you are doing well, and are ‘reunited’ with Jerry soon!
    Killer blog you have here… I REALLY want to go check out Hollywood…thanks for the pics!


  9. Awww these pics bring back good memories. (I lived in Hollywood for a couple years.) I wish I had taken that tour though! So cool!

  10. Yet another thing you’ve written about that I didn’t know about. If I’m ever on the left coast, it will be on my agenda. As for Jerry, he’s a guy. That should explain everything.

  11. Thanks for stopping by my blog – I’m following you for sure!

    I’ve always wanted to go to Hollywood, and take pictures just like these ones <3 Great collection!

  12. Hi Kori, Just stopping by to wish you a Happy New year and to say that I am so impressed with your dedication to daily blogging!And thank you for creating all your lovely awards…x (P.S: of course he misses you!)

  13. Blondie dear, I think I have seen your blog before…It is gorgeous as well! Thank you for coming by!! How did you find me? I guess we all pass each other in our busy lives, but thank you so much for coming by to indulge in a little “simplicity”….I do love however, GLAM, GLITZ and GLITTER!!! Bisous, Anita

  14. Id love to do this tour, sounds like a lot of fun. As for Megan, I think she looks very attractive when she covers herself up a little more, but otherwise trashy most of the time.
    Have a great day, and don’t forget absence makes the heart grow fonder :-)

  15. I am sure Jerry is missing you like crazy, I don’t doubt that for a second :) He’ll be home soon :)

    I would love to do some of those Hollywood tours, fascinating.

    And Megan Fox….ugh!!! Never seen her in anything but all the photos I see of her, she looks plain trashy and I have only ever heard negative publicity about her. What is it they say….be nice to people on the way up cos one day you might meet them on the way down….she should remember that!

    And as for her being beautiful…clearly she isn’t unattractive but I thought she has had a ton of surgery so it’s hardly natural beauty is it?

    That’s my 2 cents worth anyway :)

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