One of my favorite stylista’s is Gwen Stefani. I have loved her since her ska days in No Doubt. She grew up in Anaheim, CA. and I have never heard anything bad said about her. Not only is she gorgeous, but her style is amazing. She used to look more tomboy-like, but in her recent years, she has a very vintage look. I have always loved her trademark platinum do and her red lips. Here are some pics of Gwen that I love. What do you think about Gwen and her style?

Oh, on a side note, I am amazed that I have 299 followers! Wow! Maybe I can reach 300 by the end of the week? I never thought in October when I started this blog for fun that I would have so many followers and make such great friends! You bring so much joy to my life!

Have a great Wednesday friends!

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  1. Congrats on your 302 followers – I can understand why your blog would be so appealing to everyone :D I know I LOVE IT!

    Now for your post on Gwen, yes she is stunning and her style is so unique – I love her songs and her beautiful voice – this lovely lady is very gifted in so many ways!

  2. Still one of the best concerts I’ve ever seen. Not only is she a total style icon, but she is one hell of a performer! I swear I have never seen anyone with so much energy on stage! (And I’m totally jealous of her abs.)

  3. She is amazing, and always a trend-setter! I love how she can keep her own style regardless of what everyone else is doing. Great post and these photos of her are gorgeous!!!

    Congrats on your followers…well-deserved Dear! xo

  4. Oh I think she is gorgeous and so nice. It’s great she has a family now and does her own thing when she wants too.

    re comment just go to mine and below it will be “linkwithin” click it and follow the prompts and hey presto!


  5. I may have been #299-I just started following you yesterday!
    I love Gwen as well!
    I really enjoyed your post on Lana, Johnny, and Cheryl.

  6. I am a huge fan of Gwen Stefani! Love the pictures, you seemed to have read my mind! I was to post a mani soon inspired by the first picture, but perhaps I’ll change tact now as you have done her more justice ;) Great post Kori! xx

  7. Love. Her! She’s beautiful, talented, has a great reputation like you said, and she has a gorgeous husband. Ok, that last one is no reason to like her, but they sure are an amazingly good-looking couple who make beautiful children, aren’t they?!

  8. Shes very attractive.My that necklace on that first pic,wow it loks like it weighs tons,lol.

    Congrats Kori on all your blog followers!

  9. I love. love. love. Gwen! She’s always been one of my favorite singers and fashion icons. I like that she is able to change with the times but still keep her own style. (ie the trademark hair and lips). I became obsessed with liquid liner after seeing hers (as well as Kate W’s in Titanic). It’s still my favorite fashion accessory.

  10. I love everything about her! I have been listening to No Doubt since 1996! I also love her solo stuff. I blog about her sometimes also! ; )

  11. I love love love her too!

    Excellent post. Those pictures are marvelous, and so is Gwen & her fabulous, eclectic style.

  12. I adore Gwen Stefani! She has such great style and even though she’s super modern, there’s still something very “old Hollywood” about her!

    Congrats on all of your followers, that’s great!!

  13. I’ve always been a fan too from way back when in No Doubt!! She has style, talent, & one kickass attidude. She’s such a style icon. Nice tribute girl! Congrats on almost 300!!! =)

  14. I am a big fan of hers too, she is gorgeous. So stylish and such a beautiful family – those boys of her are ADORABLE!!

    Well done on so many followers….fantastic!!

    PS Thanks for the note about Cheryy :)

  15. I love it when she does a more retro look, like the pictures you have here, she looks so glamourous!
    I actually chose her as my Look of the Week, sporting a more proper English look but just as stylish nonetheless!
    Have a great week doll!

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