Hollywood Again

Entrance gates of Hollywood Forever

Cecil B. DeMille

Marion Davies’ family crypt

Tyrone Power’s marker (notice the kisses on the left side)

Peter Finch’s crypt

Valentino’s crypt

Monument dedicated to Douglas Fairbanks, Sr. and Jr.

The beautiful lake in the middle of Hollywood Forever

Judy and I in front of the Mausoleum where Rodolfo Valentino is laid to rest

I went on the fabulous Dearly Departed Tour again this weekend, and as usual, it was amazing! My Mom, Judy, and I headed out to Hollywood to do a little sightseeing. Our first stop? Hollywood Forever Cemetery (formally known as Hollywood Memorial Park).

The cemetery was absolutely gorgeous and so serene. I could not believe I was in a cemetery. There are so many famous people laid to rest here, that it would take pages to list them. There were a few people we wanted to see, including Marion Davies, Tyrone Power, Rodolfo Valentino, Johnny Ramone, etc.

Then we headed over to Farmer’s Market to start the tour. Once again, the tour proved to be informative. If you haven’t taken any of Scott Michaels tours, you must! Here are some pics of the cemetery and the tour. Hope you had a great weekend friends. I am a little behind this week on comments, so bear with me!


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  1. I am so doing this tour next time I am in LA in February!

    Isn’t this the cemetery where they show outdoor movies too?

  2. HI Kori! Love the post, as usual!!! I had a great time with you on the trip and I can’t wait to go back for the next one. I think Feb will work for me and Juls :) I love the pics and I’m so glad we went. Love ya girl!

  3. Now that sounds like a fun day: visit a graveyard, then a fresh food market. YUM!
    Seriously, I love visiting cemetaries, and the Hollywood ones would be fascinating. Is this the one where Walt Disney is buried?

  4. While I lived over there, I always meant to go on the Dearly Departed Tour. I’m even more sad now that I never made it!

    It’s hard to believe that Valentino was born in the 19th century, isn’t it?!

  5. You are so lucky to be able to visit places like that! It looks really interesting, it must have been wonderful to see where all those legends were laid to rest xx

  6. Thank you for visiting my blog! Great site too by the way! I love vintage as well so will be stopping by often:)

  7. Hi Kori!! I wish I was out there, I would have loved to go with you!!!!!! Now I am regretting not going to Marilyn’s grave while we were there. Next time for sure…….hugs, deb

  8. Next time let me know you’re coming. I have some great picture books that just the other day I said to myself, “Kori should have these.”

    Hollywood Babylon 1 and 2 by Kenneth Anger. And a Marilyn Monroe picture book. I just have too many of them.

    Plus I think that cemetery is about 10 blocks from me.

  9. OMG, I freakin’ love your blog!!! I just stumbled upon it looking for something else. Sooooooo glad I did!
    I noticed you love the Broncos, same here. Been a fan since 1987.
    I look forward to following your blog and will be back to browse regularly.
    Take care!

  10. I would LOVE to take one of those tours, and visit alot of the great old stars’ graves. Great picture of Valentino’s crypt!
    Happy Monday!

  11. ahhh love that place – back in the 90’s before they fancied it up as Hollywood Forever and it was just old Hollywood Memorial, we used to hold our hearse car club meetings there. One day I went to have lunch over by Douglas Fairbanks with a friend and we were locked in at closing time – the caretaker had to come let us out when we finally reached someone by phone. the good old days, lol. i hope you’ve visited Westwood Memorial too.

  12. Amazing pictures! I love cinema history, and a tour like this would probably fulfill all my nerd fantasies. Looks like you had a fabulous time!



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