Keira Knightley

I’m battling the flu again and feeling miserable, but wanted to get my Friday post out for you friends. I have been wanting to do a post on Keira Knightley. I think she is so beautiful, even though she is a little too thin for my taste. I also think she photographs extremely well, so it was easy to find gorgeous shots of her.
I am so in love with Johnny Depp (as many of you know), so naturally one of my favorite movies is Pirates of the Caribbean, The Curse of the Black Pearl. Since I look to discuss Johnny every chance I get, here are some fun facts on the film as well. Have a great weekend friends.
–On August 10, 2002, a fire started on the soundstage where the movie was shot. Nobody was hurt and the damage was estimated to be $350,000.
–Stick around after the credits for an additional scene.
–References to the Disneyland attractions include (but are not limited to): – three uses of the song “(Yo Ho, Yo Ho) A Pirate’s Life for Me” by X. Atencio and George Bruns in the opening scene (sung by young Elizabeth), when Jack and Elizabeth are marooned on the island, and in the end by Jack. – The jail scenes, in which the prisoners try to tempt the dog who holds the key to their cell. Jack says, “That dog is never going to move” – although the movie dog eventually does, the one in the ride doesn’t. Jack later tries to tempt it with a bone, as does one of the audio-animatronic pirates in the ride. – The “burning town” sequence, and within it, the redheaded prostitute (who slaps Jack), and the “stuffed pirate” drinking the rum spurting out of a barrel – Jack’s initial discovery of Gibbs sleeping with the pigs – The line “Dead men tell no tales”, said by the macaw, which is repeated throughout the ride’s narration – A quick shot of a skeleton sprawled on the beach of the Isla de Muerta, with a crab nearby – During the raid on the town, seen is a man being dunked into a well. – A skeletal Barbossa drinks wine, which trickles through his exposed ribcage, as one of the skeletal pirates do. – During the battle scene between the two ships, Black Pearl and the Interceptor Captain Barbosa refers to his crew as “bloomin cockroaches” just like the captain in the ride does when his ship attacks a local town fort. – In Tortuga, we see a pirate drinking rum on top of two barrels and is wobbling just like in the ride. – There are references to cursed treasure in the ride: old pirates speak of cursed treasure and how you probably don’t believe in it, and the line “Who knows when that evil curse will strike the greedy beholders of this bewitched treasure.” – The woman wearing a red dress at Tortuga island that slaps Jack and he wonders if he deserved it is a character in the ride. – Part of the Caribbean Beach Resort at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, is called “Port Royal”.
–The skull and crossed blades flag was the flag of “Calico” Jack Rackham, captain of the Revenge and longtime lover of notorious female pirate Anne Bonny.
–This was the first PG-13 release under the Walt Disney Pictures label in the United States. The Walt Disney Company, however, has released R rated films under the Touchstone Pictures label since the 1980’s.
–Keira Knightley wore colored contact lenses like Johnny Depp’s in the last scene of the movie. But since her eyes are lighter than Johnny Depp’s, they had to be dark in the center and light on the outside. She complained they made her so dizzy that she threw them away the night after shooting.
–When returning from a night shoot on one of the Caribbean islands, Keira Knightley’s boat struck a reef and went down. The only people aboard were Knightley, her mother and the boat’s skipper, all of whom escaped unharmed and were rescued within a few hours. However, the incident ultimately determined that the rest of the island night shoots needed would complete filming in a studio, rather than on location.
–The title was originally just “Pirates of the Caribbean” but the name was changed in the hope that it would do well at the box office and a sequel could be made.
–The movie’s world premiere was located at Disneyland Park at the Disneyland Resort in California, home to the original Pirates of the Caribbean attraction, on June 28, 2003. This was the first ever movie premiere at Disneyland.
–Johnny Depp’s character, Captain Jack, is portrayed as having gold teeth in the film. These are real and Depp had his dentist implant those and others into his mouth for the production. Disney executive ‘Michael Eisner’ thought there were too many and asked him to remove all but a few.
–Producer Jerry Bruckheimer and director Gore Verbinski wanted to use the massive water tank in Rosarito, Baja California, Mexico used for Titanic (1997) and Pearl Harbor (2001), but Peter Weir’s film Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World (2003) had the tank booked during the time Pirates was scheduled to shoot.
–Clothing and smears of charcoal were used to conceal Johnny Depp’s numerous tattoos. The “Jack Sparrow” tattoo on his arm in the movie is a fake, but he got a real replica after finishing the film, in honor of his son Jack.
–The “Fort” in Port Royal is actually not on St. Vincent’s, but at a closed down amusement park (Marineland) in Rancho Palos Verdes, California.
–Having decided that pirates were the 18th century equivalent of rock stars, Johnny Depp’s characterization of Sparrow was inspired by close observation of his friend Keith Richards, though he emphasized in interviews that it was not an impersonation.
–Johnny Depp improvised Jack Sparrow’s catch phrase, “Savvy?”
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  1. I’ve never actually seen an entire Pirates movie, but love Johnny Depp and his characters. Orlando Bloom is GORGEOUS, as is Keira Knightly – yes, she’s too thin, but it suits her, somehow – waifishness seems to be one of her defining characteristics. She was stunning in that first voluminous costume in the first movie.

  2. I agree with you that she is waaay to thin, she needs to eats lots of burgers :)
    I really loved her in Pride and Prejudice, lovely chemistry with Matthew McFayden (i do find him totally yummy) and she has a lovely accent which i aspire to, sometimes i sound too Northern haha!
    Get better soon honey! xx

  3. Keira is not my fave although she does have a classic look about her I suppose. Loved learning more about the movie!

    Feel better soon!!!

  4. Just found your blog – think we should be blogger friends! Got the whole vintage/Monroe obsession in common-
    Have really enjoyed srcolling thru old posts…sorry so brief, newborn in my arms,

  5. I also adore Kiera Knightly. I think she’s adorable, if a bit thin. But hey … some people just be that way!

    I do hope you feel better soon,


  6. The Curse of the Black Pearl is my favorite Pirates of the Carribean film. I think I saw it about 10 times in the theaters! I love Keira Knightley as well. I think her voice is adorable.

  7. So sorry to hear you’re sick Kori. I was hit with the flu too and it’s no fun. But your post sure was, and I love Keira, and Johnny Depp too.
    Take care, and get better,

  8. I have the flu too, so I can sympathise.
    I think Keira Knightley is one of the most beautiful young actresses out there. I’d probably put Natalie Portman number 1, and her number 2. But I’ve yet to be completely blown away by any of her performances … The Duchess was her best, so there is hope she’ll get better as she gets older. She is v young.
    Great pics!

  9. I think Keira is absolutely gorgeous!! she does photograph amazingly well! :) i’m not a big fan of pirates of the caribbean, but i did enjoy reading those little facts! very cool! :) hope you feel better soon darling! happy weekend! :)

  10. I never got the Keira thing until Atonement when her acting seemed so much better that I also suddenly saw her beauty. She looks totally smokin’ in that top picture.
    And Johnny Depp – I mean who wouldn’t?

  11. I think she is a pretty girl.Im with you shes a bit to thin, but her acting and looks are awesome.I was never a Johnny depp fan at all.Dont know why, lots do like him though.

    Happy weekend Kori!P.S.I hope you feel alot better.

  12. So funny, my first thought was….I love Kiera but she’s a bit thin! Great minds think alike :)

    Loved reading this – can you believe I haven’t seen ANY of the “Pirates….” movies….I must be the only person in the world not to have!!

    Kiera is beautiful….I loved her in “Atonement”, that was such a lovely film. I think people often focus on her beauty but I think she is a great actress too.

    Get well soon :)

  13. Keira is very pretty, and I agree a bit thin a times but that’s ok. ;).

    There is something about her chin and he way she talks that just draw you in.

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