Megan Fox

Happy Sunday Friends! Let me say first that I am not a fan of Megan Fox. I think she is a little annoying, tries to say anything she can for shock value, and I don’t think she is the classiest person in Hollywood. That being said, I do think she is gorgeous and has a certain old Hollywood look about her (minus the tattoos of course). She often shows too much in photo shoots–what happened to leaving a little to the imagination? But, again she is beautiful all the same. Here are some photos I love of her. What do you think about Miss Fox? Love her or hate her? I’m curious to know what you think. Have a great day friends!

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  1. I became acquainted with Megan Fox for the first time in the movie Transformers @ the movie theatre with my 11 year old son. First impression, well she was leaning over a motorcycle with a little to much skin revealed in my face and my son is ruined for other girls now when it comes to the look category, but I am trying to teach him it is what is inside that counts, I hope he bought it…lol! She is definitely gorgeous, but come on keep her butt out of kid type movies, she is for the big boys!

    Yours in Health,

  2. She’s beautiful, true, but I must agree with the rest of you. Not a good actress and rather annoying. I’m only going by her role in Transformers but, honestly, all the humans in those movies were annoying. Ugh.


  3. I agree with pretty much everything you said! When I first saw her in Transformers I was like wow. But she does wear on you after a while. And not a good actress at all.

  4. Megan Fox is a hot cookie. That being said she gets on my nerves! She’s a flash in the pan in my opinion and I don’t think she has any acting ability. It’s a good thing she looks good and that all those Robots were able to hold up a story line. Otherwise she would not be famous. Looks only last for so long, some day she’ll realize she needs substance. Wow… could I be any more catty? ;)

  5. I don’t like her. She is stupid and way to pretty like an over done love doll. She is not even on my list of most have hotties.

  6. I think she is beautiful, and the hubby loves her. I haven’t seen Transformers, but I know my son and hubby are huge fans of her because of that! I’ve never seen an interview or anything with her so I guess I can’t give you an opinion on anything other than her looks!

  7. She is one of these actresses that seems to complain a lot about people focusing on her looks which is hypocritical when you consider how much plastic surgery she has had. She did look gorgeous in Jennifer’s Body, but my fiance and I both preferred the more natural beauty of Amanda Seyfriend.
    I’ll be interested to see where her career is in 10 years!

  8. I don’t really find her attractive only because she’s just a little too sexy (if that makes any sense). It just seems like that’s all there is to her without any other substance.

    Those are good photos though. :)

    Just found your blog randomly through a friend and it’s great! Cheers!

  9. There is no doubt that she is absolutely stunning to look at – however… she needs to shut her mouth most of the time and just ride her looks – as you said, she does say and do certain things for ‘shock value’ and I personally believe she has gone over board with all her tats – I just wish that she could be more normal at times, considering she is so fortunate being where she is!

  10. No doubt that she is stunning, but yes, I’ve wanted her to shut it now and then. I have a funny M Fox story, you know I am middle school librarian, right? I had a kid ask me for a bio on her when they were assigned that genre. I said, you know, she hasn’t done much to warrant a whole biography yet so I don’t think I can find one. He was quite offended. I had to say under my breath..” taking half naked pics doesn’t equal accomplishments and a book.” Hopefully she’ll mature and be a great role model for something other than being almost naked.

  11. Well, she is pretty, but she tends to think she’s more mature than she really is….for some reason, she thinks being interested in older men and not being shy about exposing her body makes her “mature.” Maybe she’ll outgrow this and it’s just a phase…

  12. Yeah, I’m not a fan either. She is pretty, but I think she knows it and tries to get by on just looks. Plus I agree with some others that she looks mean!

    I always love actresses who just are sexy and don’t try to flaunt it to the extreme. That’s so inspirational!

  13. Hmmmm….Megan Fox. Well, I obviously think she is beautiful. I was little surprised to find out about all her tatoos, though. The first movie I saw her in was Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, you remember with Lindsay Lohan…lol

  14. I don’t particularly like her, she looks like a mean person i think! But i may be just jealous of her looks :)
    Though i disagree when she was voted sexiest/most beautiful woman on the planet, i can think of way more beautiful actresses! xx

  15. I dislike Megan Fox with a passion. Funny fact that she was voted worst actress of the year! I think she has been very disrespectful and ungrateful publicly to people who have put her in the movies that she has been in.

    Also, her “beauty” is from plastic surgery if you research it ;)

  16. So often beauty and breeding do not go hand in hand.

    But, hot? Oh yeah!

    But it’s still gotta be weird to know that people only made you famous because of their own fantasies about your looks. Maybe that’s why she is angry?

    Who am I now, Dr. Joyce Brothers?

  17. I think shes really pretty.Im like you though wheres the something left for the imagination? lol.

    Happy new week ahead Kori!

  18. Meh. Not loving her. She’s definitely pretty but in the most obvious, in your face kind of way. She could keep it a bit more under wraps!

  19. She’s okay, but did you notice her thumbs are never showing in her pics? Do a google search about her thumbs and see what they look like. Hee Hee.

  20. I really don’t know anything about her. She is attractive, but as you say, sometimes people who are attractive think it’s a license to be obnoxious.

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