Sherlock Holmes 2009

Hello friends…feeling a bit better today, but had to do tattoo removal this morning and that laser is not fun! I saw Sherlock Holmes and was blown away. I loved everything about this film, but most of all the costumes. Rachel McAdams looked gorgeous as usual and Robert Downey, Jr. is such a fabulous actor!

Here is some fun trivia about the film and pics to go along with it. Hope you are having a great weekend lovelies!

–Colin Farrell was in talks to play Watson before Jude Law was cast.

–The first Sherlock Holmes film to reach U.S. movie theaters in over twenty years, since the 1988 comedy Without a Clue (1988) with Michael Caine as Reginald Kincaid/”Sherlock Holmes”.

–Robert Maillet accidentally knocked out Robert Downey Jr. while filming a fight scene.

–Robert Downey Jr. read many Sherlock Holmes stories and watched “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes” (1984) by Granada Television (starring Jeremy Brett) in order to learn more about the character.

–Sienna Miller was in talks for a role before her ex-fiancé Jude Law was cast as Watson.

–The set for Sherlock Holmes’s home in this film was previously used as Sirius Black’s home in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (2007).

–The part of Sherlock Holmes has been previously played by Michael Caine, while Watson is played in this film by Jude Law. Law took over Caine’s role in Alfie (2004) and Sleuth (2007), appearing together with him in the latter film.

–There were rumors that Brad Pitt has been cast as Moriarty and re shoots have taken place, but the rumors were quickly denied.

–Watson’s line to Holmes, “You know that what you’re drinking is for eye surgery,” is an obscure reference to Holmes’s cocaine usage. At the time, cocaine was used as a topical anesthetic for eye surgery. In the stories, Holmes injects cocaine.

–At the end of the film, Mary asks Watson if she could read his journals of his adventures with Sherlock Holmes. Of the 60 Doyle penned stories of Sherlock Holmes, all but four have Watson serving as the narrator.

–Although Irene Adler plays a large role in the movie, she only appears in one Sir Arthur Conan Doyle story, “A Scandal in Bohemia”, briefly referenced in the movie.

–The four symbols referred to in the movie, the Man, the Lion, the Ox and the Eagle, are also attributed to the four Evangelists of the Bible: Matthew (Man), Mark (Lion), Luke (Ox), and John (Eagle).

–Rachel McAdams and Robert Downey Jr. reportedly did most of their own stunts.

–Attempting to escape the clutches of wearing a tight corset every morning, Rachel McAdams would trick the costumers by pushing her stomach out or eating a big breakfast of oatmeal before being laced up. However, they eventually caught on to her ruse.

–The three murders of the men and the attempted murder of Parliament coincide with the four Greek elements. The first was a burial crime scene (Earth), second was drowning (water), third was immolation (fire), and fourth was poison gas (air).

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  1. I really liked this movie. The colors, and Irene Adler’s costumes really enhanced the experience for me…although the movie would have been good without them too I suppose:)

  2. oo i really wanna see this ! i’m glad jude law played him and not collin ferral he would have sucked what was that place in downtown disney where you got the cupcakes i’m taking a trip to that part of california this summer id love to go maybe you could meet me for a cupcake there comment back on the post you posted on if you can

  3. Good to know you’re feeling a bit better. I don’t know how you manage to research and post when you’re down in the dumps!
    Rachel McAdams was spectacular in this movie; in fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if the movie gets Emmy nods for costumes, lighting, and sets. The dark tones set just the right mood for the times; I actually liked the artistry better than the movie!

  4. I haven’t seen this one, but it’s on my list. I’ve been a fan of McAdams since I first saw her in The Notebook.

  5. My BFF and I went and saw this movie and we loved it. I would go again if someone wanted me too. Thanks for the triva. Kath’

  6. I have been wanting to see Sherlock Holmes so bad!

    Good luck with the tattoo removal…I have been thinking about getting one of mine removed that I despise (one of those “eighteenth birthday” lower back tattoos. ugh.)

  7. I really liked this movie. The sets and computer generated scenes were brilliant. Rachel McAdams is always beautiful and Robert Downey Dr. Is a excellent actor.

    Looking forward to a sequel.

  8. First I want to say I found you while I was reading another blog and I am so glad I did! I too love all Vintage!
    Second I am dying to see Sherlock Holmes and now even more so after your blog.
    I will be back for sure :)

  9. ahhh!!! i still need to see this movie!!! maybe this weekend….i think so!!

    girl….i literally woke up last monday and said…”i have GOT to do something” and made a plan to start running!! i LOATHE running on the treadmill and i have had no excuses to get out and run this weekend because the weather has been gorgeous! you honestly just have to WANT to do it and stick to it!!! you can do it!!! just don’t get eaten by any of those wild animals!!!! :)

    i cannot wait for you to get your cute frame!!

  10. Hey girl~ Where is this tat you are hving removed.. email me through facebook or blog… and make sure you are putting ointment on…

  11. a girl after my own heart! alot of people call me the Lucille Ball of fashion! i also loooove mr.depp, the mr.depp, sweet master depp, oops! anyhoo, visit me sometimes. i am a newbie and any comments or advice is always appreciated! *retro reva*

  12. I just might have to check this out, I wasn’t too interested based on the trailers I saw; I dislike when they try to “modernize” period pieces by using modern music, slang and such. I do like Robert Downey Jr. though.

  13. I certainly need to watch this movie! I absolutely love Rober Downey! :))
    I am glad I found your blog, very informative and glamourous! I will certainly be coming back :))
    If you have the time, visit my blog too, I think you might find it interesting :))
    Have a wonderful day xx

  14. Dear Blonde Episodes!-)***

    I love this movie SO mach,all works from this film are gorgious!-)

    Thankyou for shaering,really nice and talented actriss,i have her pfoto too and also Robert Downey-so Cool!!!


  15. Great trivia!! I think I will watch this movie as I love Robert Downey Jr.!!
    p.s. ouch… Hope the tattoo removal goes o.k.!!

  16. Hope the tattoo removal wasn’t too painful! Thanks for the trivia for this movie, I’ve been contemplating to see it or not. Have a lovely day!

  17. This movie was genius and so so so so good… I loved it… it was witty and everything!

    Plus she did a FANTASTIC job. I just love her… and you’re right the coustomes rocked!

  18. Pretty interesting trivia. I enjoyed reading this post. I too, recently had a chance to see Sherlock Holmes and LOVED it! Oh yeah! :)

  19. I loved Sherlock Homes too! Robert Downey Jnr is an all time favourite of mine and Rachel McAdams is gorgeous. A real winner of a film and a great cast! Another fab post! Hope you are feeling better Kori xxx

  20. Wow, SO glad Jude got the part. I can’t imagine Colin Farrell as Watson. I absolutely worship this movie. I saw it twice and thought it was fabulous! I can’t wait for the sequel.

    I wonder if that picture of Robert and Rachel kissing is from a deleted scene? I don’t remember that. They look great, though!

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