Vintage Pin Up Girls

Some of you might know that I am in love with vintage pin up girls…especially those by Gil Elvgren. I have an application that does fairly well on Facebook called “Pin Up Girls,” and as I was working on it this morning, I thought I would share some of my favorites with you!
Disneyland yesterday. So much fun, got on Thunder Mountain twice! Hope you are having a great weekend friends!

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  1. Some how you’ve managed to include my favorite things in this one post! Vintage, 1940s, pin-up, and Disney! haha. I’m delighted to have found you!

  2. Oh-la-la-la!!! What delightfully alluring, playfully mischievous ladies! :)

    Sweet dear, I really want to extend my sincere thanks to you for your lovely comments this month. I apologize if it sometimes takes me a wee bit of time to return the visit and enjoy the delightful beauty and inspiration of your site. Please know that I always appreciate your visits and the thoughts you share with me so very much!

    Oodles of hugs & wishes of happiness,
    ♥ Jessica

  3. Hi Kori,
    I have sold a lot of the original mutoscope cards done by Elvgren, Vaughn and DeVorss. Some of them are pretty valuable. That is my little side business, selling vintage, paper collectibles.I should look and see if I still have the jpegs, since I have sold them. Love your blog!

  4. Great art. Vargas is my favorite; curious that so many women love pin up art, isn’t it? I don’t know if it’s envy or appreciation of beautiful form and art, or maybe a combination of the two.
    Umm…that first one, of the teacher…that’s not you, is it?

  5. That’s a good question were they modeled after real girls or was he just talented at making the girls we wanted to see.

  6. I love pin-up girls too! The gal with the suitcase has always been one of my favorites!
    Gee, I can only imagine how nice it must be to be able to pop over to Disneyland for the day, or do those Hollywood tours. Sounds like there is always something exciting to do, you lucky girl!

  7. Great stuff, Blondie! Those folks who drew those were killer artists! And obviously a topic which I could not grow tired of!
    Thanks for sharing!


  8. Pin up girls are so fun! I love how they always have an expression on their face as though they’re saying “oh!!! Oops!!!” haha

  9. I wonder if those girls were modeled after real women? Otherwise, the artist sure has quite the imagination .

  10. I have a book of vintage pin-up illustrations. They’re so fun and inspiring. I’ll have to check out that app!

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