Alice in Wonderland 2010

The clock is ticking! “I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date.” March 10 debuts the new Tim Burton film Alice in Wonderland. Of course, I have to see it, not only because it looks AMAZING, but because my boyfriend Johnny is in it. I found some great photos of the film and some fun trivia to go along with them. Tell me what you think. Have a great day friends!

–Casting auditions for 250 extras were held in the British city of Plymouth on 6th and 7th August 2008. Requirements were for people with a ‘Victorian look’ and for applicants to have no visible tattoos, piercings or dyed hair.

–Actress Mia Wasikowska beat out several candidates for the role of Alice, including Amanda Seyfried and Lindsay Lohan, who lobbied for the role.

–This film marks the 7th time Johnny Depp has worked under the direction of Tim Burton and the 6th time for Helena Bonham Carter.

–Principal photography of this movie took 40 days.

–Dakota Blue Richards was going to audition for the role of Alice, which is her dream role, until she found out Tim Burton wanted a adult actress for the part. Ironically, Mia Wasikowska who plays Alice, is only four years older than her.

–Despite the fact that there have been many other Alice in Wonderland films, Tim Burton have said that he never felt a emotional connection to it and always thought it was a series of some girl wondering around from one crazy character to another. So this is an attempt to give this a framework, an emotional grounding, which he felt he never really had seen in any version before. Tim said that was the challenge for him – to make Alice feel like a story as opposed to a series of events.

–Tim Burton and Johnny Depp worked hard to give the Mad Hatter more depth and presence than in past portrayals. In fact, the pair swapped sketches and themes for the character prior to creating this new version.

–Johnny Depp, who says that he likes “an obstacle” whilst filming, admitted that he found the process of filming on a green screen “exhausting”, and that he felt “befuddled by the end of the day”.

–Danny Elfman scored the film to green screen footage.

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  1. I can not WAIT to see this film! I love Tim Burton. Anything he does I will see it.

    Thank GOD Lindsey Lohan didn’t get the role. That would have ruined the movie. I hate to say that, but it’s the truth.

    I love the film facts! And very glad Danny Elfman is once again doing the music to a Burton film. It’s an absolute must!


  2. Beyond, beyond excited for this movie! The cast is amazing and Tim Burton really can do no wrong.

    Thanks SO much for the award yesterday! I’m honored you thought of me : )

    Have a great Thursday, sweet girl!

  3. Lindsay as Alice? Ha! I’m glad she’s not… I think Tim makes a good point that this story has often been seen as a “series of events” rather than an in-depth story. Alice definately needs to be shown more developped. I can’t wait to see what he came up with! This looks amazing!

  4. oooo I am so excited for Alice!! First I love the story of Alice in Wonderland…Second and most important I Freakin Love Johnny Depp!!! He is amazing!

    ~Hope your week has been good

  5. I love Johnny! I saw him filming Public Enemies around the city and it was amazing! I’m looking forward to seeing this movie.

  6. I can imagine how fantastic the special effects will be. And all the teen girls around here just love Johnny.

  7. SOOO excited for this one! We are going to watch it at the El Capitain on the 5th (it comes out on the 5th :) with a Mad Hatter Tea party after next door at the Disney Soda Fountain! You should come with us! So much fun!

  8. Funny you mention how many films for Helena and Johnny.

    I came downstairs after seeing the commercial the other day and asked my husband if he thought Tim Burton would have a career without Helena Bonham-Carter and Johnny Depp.


  9. I’m super excited for this movie … can’t wait to see it! I love the cheshire cat and seeing Anne Hathaway with blonde hair.

  10. I can’t wait to see this!!! It looks so fanatastic!! That’s so funny about Johnny depp with the green screen. He’s so awesome, I’m sure he gave the mad hatter depth!! CANT WAIT!!

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