Celebrity Apologies

Ok, so Tiger issued a statement of apology for his behavior in November today. Who cares? I’m so over this story. Yuck. But, I found an article on E Online that reviewed the top celebrity apologies. This is too funny. Here they are:

1. Mel Gibson–apologized for his crazy behavior in Malibu. Remember this? He was drunk and saying racial slurs, which weren’t great for someone who just created The Passion of the Christ.

2. David Letterman–apologized for cheating on his wife. He addressed the audience directly while on his show. People seemed to forgive him because of his sincere delivery.

3. Alec Baldwin–remember that awful conversation with his daughter, where he called her “a little pig?” He went on the View of all places to apologize.

4. Hugh Grant–apologized on the Tonight Show for his indiscretions with prostitute Divine Brown.

5. Michael Richards–apologizing for saying the “N” word doing his standup routine.

6. Kanye West–apologized for interrupting Taylor Swift’s speech on the MTV awards.

7. Christian Bale–apologized for his rant on the director of Terminator.

8. Kobe Bryant–apologized for cheating on his wife while in Colorado and later brought up on rape charges. This apology was a good one, he gave his wife Vanessa a $4 million dollar apology ring.

9. John Mayer–most recent apology. Apologized for all the douche bag (sorry, but it’s true) things he recently said in Playboy. He even cried while saying sorry.


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  1. I would totally take a 4 mil ring as an apology haha jk. I’m so over the Tiger thing…sometimes the media needs to stop shoving stuff down our throats!!! Cool Post…(PS LOVE THE MISS MONROE PIC AT THE TOP OF YOUR BLOG!)

  2. This is the greatest! I remember how shocking all these situations were when they happened… But most of them have been forgotten. I don’t think Kobe’s or John’s will be forgotten anytime soon, though!

  3. It just goes to show that no matter who you are, what your occupation is, how famous or rich you are, you are still just a person like everyone else.

    I don’t really think that these people are sorry. If they were sorry, they wouldn’t have committed their fault in the first place. The only thing they are sorry about is that they got caught. How many of them would have come forward and made a public apology if no one knew of their transgression? Right! They only apologize AFTER they are in the spotlight and need to save face with their fans and save their careers.

    Sorry (pun intended), but I have no sympathy for these rich and spoiled brats who think the world revolves around them, and can do whatever they want because they are famous and have money.

    And the last thing I am going to do is waste my valuable time reading about, watching or listening to what they have to say about how sorry they are.

  4. Yes, it’s easy for some to say they’re sorry but to some, it’s just a sign of weakness. I think too many people pay too much attention to Tiger. He’s just a jock after all!

  5. lol, I didnt realize there were this many.How stupid some of these people are they number 1 use money to repair the whole situations, 2 tears and three as in the case of Tiger Woods, ” Look im just a boy im learning” LOL.At least thats how I took it.With his mother by his side.

    I cannot stand Alec Baldwin,I dont think that guy will ever change.Just my opinion.

    Have a great weekend Kori!

  6. Don’t apologize for calling John Mayer a douchebag – because he is! And an attention-seeker at that!

    Urgh, I still can’t forgive Michael Richards – I was so disgusted by his words.

  7. yikes yikes and yikes.

    I lost alot of respect for John Mayer…he just has this douchebag aura about him lol

    and Kanye needs to apologize for alot more than that. His parents need to aplogize for creating him.

    haha thats a little rough but really? I dont like him.

    great post!!! xo

  8. I forgive Dave because his apology seemed sincere. He came forward on his own as soon as his indiscretions were made public.

    I forgive Christian, well, because he’s Christian Bale.

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