Grammy Fashion

Hope you all had a great weekend! I did…I cooked for Jerry both nights and we had a great time! I only caught some of the Grammy’s last night, but wanted to show some pics of what I consider to be the best and worst of the night. Here goes:



Carrie Underwood

Ricky Martin


Jennifer Hudson

Keri Hilson


Lady Gaga

Britney–Oh no, what have you done?

Adam “Tacky” Lambert

Katy “I can’t stand you since you made an ass of yourself on American Idol” Perry


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  1. Great choice of pics, I think I agree with most of them – I was pretty disappointed with the dresses this year.

    Keri Hilson looked beautiful, I did like Beyonce’s dress too…..wasn’t 100% sure about Fergie but I think she carried it off…..and what was Britney thinking, ugh!!


  2. Am I the only one who adored Lady Gaga’s dress? C’mon…I really want one of those things. That’ll keep the bar losers away, surely!

    (Just discovered your blog and love it, by the way!)

  3. I don’t like the way fergie dresses half the’s kinda hit or miss with her…and why didn’t mention how fine Maxwell looked…


  4. I didn’t watch the actual show, but they’ve been talking about it on the news. Geez, Jennifer Hudson looked amazing, and so did Carrie Underwood. I’m usually pretty open as to other people’s fashion, because they are just trying be individuals and express themselves, but I can’t wrap my head around anything that Lady Gaga wears!

  5. I agree with you totally girl!! I liked Lady Gaga’s dress but that orb thing is a lil scary. I’d be scared to stand near her I might get poked!! lol! Fergie looks awesome too!

    That’s Kesha?? I always wondered what she looked like.

  6. I was very disappointed in the Grammys fashion. The only 3 good ones (InMyOpinion) were Keri Hilson (mermaid goddess!), Lea Michele (from Glee) and Celine Dion (yeah she still got it!).

    If you’re interested in Grammys fashion, you should check out It’s the BEST fashion blog out there! Though I should warn you that you’ll become addicted to it.
    Just a tip!

    Have a lovely week, dear!

  7. Well….. Ya’ gotta’ admit….They are either really good or really bad. There doesn’t seem to be a middle-of-the-road!!
    I don’t waste my time on award shows or reality shows…..

  8. I loved Carrie Underwoods dress! I also liked the brown dress that Sheryl Crow (did now watch much of it last night so Im not sure if she wore different dresses) wore while presenting. Very simple and I just liked it :) I am not a fan of Fergie but I did like her dress. I would not wear it myself but I think it worked for her. I agree 100% with your ‘dislikes’ although I am not surprised by the getup that was Lady Gaga!

  9. I didn’t watch the Grammy’s, but it seems I missed some fashion entertainment. Ugh.
    Can’t say I really like Jennifer Hudson’s dress, but she looks fabulous in it. Keri Hilson? Never heard of her, but I love that dress! Lady Gaga – put that thing back in the cotton candy machine, it’s not finished spinning yet. Brittney was apparently going for the Morticia Addamms look, but couldn’t afford enough fabric. Katy Perry (who?) – at least she got the bangs right. And Ricky Martin, next time, move just a few inches to your left, please – with that dark patch in the award behind your dark hair, you look like Alfalfa!

  10. HOLY CRAP! What was Britt thinking? Oh wait… brown hair.. She’s goin’ back to crazy ya’ll!

    I loved Pink’s dress – she blows me away all the time. So pretty!

    Carrie Underwood always looks so polished. I’m happy to see her take out her extensions. So pretty!

  11. oh god. katy perry. saw her tweet that she was going as a “indian bettie paige princess” i think it’s time she knows its bettie page. hah

  12. I’m going to agree with you on every point, except Fergie. She’s a pretty girl, but I can’t stand those bandage/tube dresses!
    Still, she could have dressed like Britney…

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