More Disney Trivia

Went to Disney again last night and was inspired to give you some more fun trivia. So here goes:

–The ornate base of the Town Square flag pole was discovered in 1955 on Wilshire Blvd. at the scene of a traffic accident – a car ran into a lamp post and the base was bought for $5.00.

–The cannons in Town Square are actual cannons used by the French Army in the 19th Century.

–The organ in the “Haunted Mansion” is the same one used in the movie “20,000 Leagues Under The Sea.”

–Club 33 is a secret club inside Disneyland. It’s at 33 Royal Street by the Blue Bayou and Pirates of the Caribbean ride. You can see it on the way out of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride– look at the second level of the Blue Bayou restaurant. Club 33 has about 400 members and waiting time for a membership is about 3 years. Membership fees range from $9,500 to $25,000, with annual fees an additional $3-6,000.

–In the early years of the park, the Rivers of America were stocked with catfish and visitors were allowed to fish off the docks of Tom Sawyer Island.

–Pirates of the Caribbean Facts and Figures: Opening Day: March 18, 1967 Ride Time: 14.5 minutes Capacity: 3,400 guests per hour Audio-Animatronic Figures: 66 pirates and villages, 57 animals and birds Amount of Water: 750,000 Main Lift Pumps (2 operating): 20,000 gallons circulated per minute (maximum) 18,000 gallons circulated per minute (maximum) First Drop: Length – 52 feet Angle – 21 degrees Second Drop: Length – 37 feet Angle – 21 degrees Lift: Length – 90 feet Angle – 16 degrees Structural Data: Number of Buildings: 2 Number of Levels: 3 (Blue Bayou, upper caverns, and basement) Maximum Height of Ceiling: 40 feet.

–Few people know that the comedian Steve Martin worked at the Mad Hatter Shop in Disneyland’s Fantasyland when he was younger. Steve enjoyed magic and was a natural who excelled there as a salesman.
There is hidden magic in the Mad Hatter Shop. Take a look into the oval mirror inside the Mad Hatter. There is an animatronics Cheshire Cat character from Alice in Wonderland that is hidden behind the mirror.

Visitors see their own reflection in what appears to be a regular mirror. Then mysteriously all of a sudden the Cheshire Cat appears next to them in the mirror. Guests are shocked and surprised to see the Cheshire Cat appear suddenly next to them in the mirror and turn around to see it. However, the cat is not behind them.

–While riding on the Roger Rabbit Car Toon Spin in Toontown, your “car” passes through a market-type scene. In this section you have the impression of nearly careening through a fruit stand selling “wishing apples.” This was the name the evil Queen/Witch gave to the poison apple she gave to Snow White. It has nothing to do with Roger Rabbit and is a reference to the movie Snow White.

More to come in the future friends!

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  1. Disney trivia is so fun! I had the pleasure of dining at Club 33 and visiting (only for a tour) the Disneyland Dream Suite (which was originally intended to be Walt’s private apartment prior to his passing). Very cool!

  2. It’s so much fun reading your blog. I love learning about all the trivia. I’ve been to Disney Land so many times over the years. I first started going in the mid 1960’s. It’s been a while now since I was last there, but I can visualize all the things you mentioned so clearly. Thanks.

  3. I found this magazine today for Disney fans and I almost bought it. I seriously love Disney. I love drawing the cartoons and learning about Walt. I’m too cheap though, over $15 for a magazine is ridiculous, in my opinion.

    I really want to see that cat appear in the mirror!

  4. You just made my day! I am a huge Disney fan and I love finding out new interesting facts! I am actually going to Disney in 6 days!!! Happy Thursday!

  5. Such a fun post!
    Kori, I have a little favor to ask you, so if you get a minute email me please! (sorry I have misplaced your email)
    Thanks doll!

  6. Are you sure that you weren’t one of the Mouseketeers? Or maybe you are Walt Disney reincarnated? You do know your stuff.

  7. Bonjour Kori,
    You really are the ‘Disney Queen’. Seriously you really should write a book on all your Hollywood and Disney facts and trivia, you have a alot of writing talent and so full of enthusiasm.
    Hope your week has been going great!

  8. I loved your post! I’m a huge Disney nut, I have an annual pass and have been there more times than I can count but it just NEVER gets old for me! There’s always something new and fun to do! Glad you had a good time! xoxo

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