Ra Ra Ra, Sis Boom Ba!

Check out these pics I found of cheerleaders from the 1950’s! Aren’t they so adorable? The outfits are so conservative and look at the length of those skirts!


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  1. I see that you are reading Under The Dome! Let me know how it is :) I have seen it at the library a few times, but I have yet to pick it up.

  2. I wish cheerleading uniforms were more like this! They just seem to get smaller and smaller (and I haven’t been out of high school THAT LONG), and I can’t imagine sending my daughter to school dressed like that! Our high school cheer uniforms would not have passed our county dress code, but cheerleaders were required to wear them to class on game days. How does that make sense?

  3. I loved those old picks and their uniforms were so long. I was a cheerleader at a Catholic High school so our uniforms were quite tame!

  4. These are so feminine & modest!! What a nice change from some of the cheerleader outfits now. Especially pro football.
    Most look like they are ……
    Oh well, you know!!
    As always, a great post!!

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