Telephone Operators

I didn’t plan to post again today, but came across these great pics of old school telephone operators. Wow, things have really changed huh? Oh, just as a side note, Jerry and I have broken up. Just thought I’d let you know, since some of you often send us well wishes. I am doing fine and am ready to begin the next chapter! Have a great night!

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  1. So sorry to hear the news, Kori! Hang in there…everything has a reason, although not evident at times… I am glad to hear you are doing ok with it…hope everything turns out well for you – I know it will!


  2. Many moons ago, my cousin, Winifred and my great aunt, Francis, were phone operators.
    Winnie was a local operator while Francis was a long distance operator and supervisor.
    My mother and uncle would get on the phone and play forgetting that Francis and Winnie could hear them and would get in trouble!

  3. My mom was a telephone operator back in the day! Sorry about the break up but glad you’re doing okay with it!

  4. hey girl thanks for your comment at my blog, love your profile pic and your blog, am adding you to my links :-)

  5. Stunning images! I love how dressed up these ladies were, even just for answering the phone. So sorry to hear about you & Jerry. *sending extra strength your way*

    Have a wonderful week, dear!

  6. These photos are great, and so interesting to think about how times have changed! By the way I love the photo behind your blog title, it is gorgeous and perfect for Spring! I’m sorry to hear about the news, but glad to hear you are doing ok!


  7. I can remember in the early 60’s when we had an assembly at school for them to explain how to use the dial phome & not have an operator!! “number pulease”!!
    So sorry for your diffuculties!! I will keep you in my prayers!!
    Happy Tuesday!!

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