Vintage Cigarette Ads

With the laws being so strict on smoking in California, it is hard for me to remember people even smoking in restaurants eons ago. Remember when you had to request smoking or non? I am so fascinated by the vintage cigarette ads. I guess they didn’t really know how much damage the cigs would do at the time? The ads are so glamorous. Check out the one with Ronald Regan in the background. What about the gloves that have a compartment for your cigarettes? Wow. What do you think?

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  1. Anonymous

    Beneficial info and excellent design you got here! I want to thank you for sharing your ideas and putting the time into the stuff you publish! Great work!

  2. They sure made it look glamorous to smoke! I love the header picture of Marilyn with the flower! She was so pretty!

  3. Its amazing how glamorous smoking was. The old movie stars that smoked you wanted to be, they were so cool. Now its taboo. My mother died of Lung cancer, long time smoker!

  4. What a cool post!
    Just had to tell you btw, my coworker who doesn’t even blog spent every solid day glued to yours the other week, she loved it so much! She was on my blog and clicked over to yours and couldn’t get enough of all the vintage old hollywood facts .. Keep up the great work, it’s VERy enjoyable!!

  5. Smoking looked glamorous and classy back then. It’s just disgusting now. The smell especially.

    I really like the new layout of the blog!

  6. Bonjour Kori,
    These vintage ads were glamorous. Too bad they had no idea what smoking does to you.
    I would definitely love to find a pair of these gloves and stash my lipstick inside!
    Happy week to you,

  7. Hahaha I love that Reagan is in that poster…I didn’t notice him at first! Being from Kentucky, the tobacco capital of the world, I reckon my views on smoking are a bit different! Some of the counties here even have smoking bans now :) But if you visit parts of KY you’ll still need to request the non-smoking section :) I ranted on about smoking bans a long time ago in this post:

    I know my opinion is an unpopular one ;)

    Have a great week!

  8. Pretty crazy to think how much it changed, right? but back in the days, tehy didn’t know what we know, so its understandable… quite frankly, im glad there is no smoking in restaurants!

  9. At the same time that glamour was attached to these vintage pics,just think about their lungs,lol.Seriously!Im sure back then they didnt worry about smoking I think everyone smoked.

    I wonder what all of them who posed for these pic would say today if they were alive(just a little exageration).Its funny how what used to be so glamourus,is now disgusting really.

  10. On an aesthetic level, those 1930s ads are definitely filled with beauty and glamour. On a personal level, it’s so horrific to see ads suggesting that smoking is not only glamorous but in some cases actually “healthy,” but certainly explains why my grandmother suffered in her last years of life due to pneumonia caused by decades of buying into the idea that smoking is something a normal, attractive woman does, and why dad almost died from throat cancer caused by first and second hand smoking (he’s a musician, so he not only smoked as part of the “glamour” aspect but he also was exposed to smoky bar rooms for decades); I’m pretty passionate about the importance of deconstructing advertisements, but sociologically, they really ARE fascinating. Anyway, I’ll have to post some cigarette ads from my early 30s magazines I came across the other day, suggesting smoking can clear the lungs, etc.

  11. I love the vintage Philip Morris ads. I agree, too. They really advertized smoking to be a glamourous hobby.

  12. You’re so right…. The ads…the old TV & movies….smoking was so glamerous!! Then in the early 60’s all that glamor hit a wall with the dawning realization was the long term effect of smoking all these wretched & nasty chemicals. Now when someone smokes they are looked upon as disgusting.
    I for one DO NOT smoke & neither does DD or DH!!
    Great post….Hey, these ads are really beautiful if you can overlook what they are advertising!!
    Have a Wonderful Week!!

  13. Vintage cigarette ads are so glamorous, part of me wishes that i did smoke, and that i had a glove like that! I guess i would’ve been one of those ladies who got suckered in by these ads haha! x

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