1940’s Vintage Pics Part II

I came across some more great 40’s photos. I love the one of Cary Grant. What do you think of the girl scouts? Or the teenagers in the convertible? Wow, things seemed so much simpler. Have a great day!

(Oh, as a side note. I’m trying to post everyday, but am sooooo behind on comments until I get out of school. Please bear with me and continue to comment. They truly make my day!)


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  1. you’re right things sure did seem simpler back then, although I’m sure they weren’t in reality *grin*

  2. Neat pix, Kori! i am trying to figure out the one where the lady is holdig what looks like a tub of caulk… but is probably bug spray… or, it could be some form of foodstuff, I don’t nkow…I like older pics with stuff that isn’t used anymore…

    Hang in there with school – almost over! My daughter is wrapping up 2nd Grade, so she is chomping at the bit for summer… I think she is at the point in her ‘career’ to where she KNOWS she will be off for 3 months or so, and can pinpoint it on the calendar now!

    Keep It Gingery!


  3. What great images and I have to agree with Carole above, I love the one of the girl with the dog!
    Has Cary Grant ever taken a bad picture, just gorgeous!
    Hope you are having a great week doll!!

  4. Thanks for posting these great photos Kori. I love the one of the girl and the dog and my man Cary. Good stuff.

  5. Oh sweetie, these are amazing, each and every one of them! The girl scouts are precious. I also love the man in the dapper suit. If you have a chance to pop over today, I think you will appreciate my wordless wednesday – check out the song choice, sweet right? XOXO Hope school is going well hon!

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