60’s Hippies

I don’t usually focus on the 60’s or even hippies, but came across some great images of those who were considered a little more “free” during this time. Check out the one of Led Zepplin. Wow Robert Plant!

(I’ve been really sick for the past 4 days, so I haven’t had time to post. I’ll be back this week!)


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  1. I absolutely love the ’60s. It’s one of my favorite time periods. Really groovy images. The hippies had a lot of style!

  2. Here’s one 60’s hippie who still has her hippie credentials intact! While it’s true that people generally get more conservative with age, it’s not true with me or my sister or several of our college friends. “That whole hippie movement” was for some a momentary diversion, but for others, it was life-changing. Peace, Love, Freedom!! Oh, and I LOVE the music playing on your blog!

  3. I never got caught up in the whole Hippie movement.
    This is the anti-establishment that 30 years later became the establishment!! Go figure!!
    These are the same people that critisize the kids now days for their way of speech & dress??!!

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