Ann Margret and Viva Las Vegas

I always thought Ann Margret was so sexy. She just had that something about her. Elvis and Ann performed in many films together and were known to have had an affair. One of the movies I love with the two of them is “Viva Las Vegas.” (1964) Here are some bits of trivia, and pics of Ann and Elvis. What do you think?

–One of the guitar players on the soundtrack was singer/actor Glen Campbell.

–When the wedding scene was filmed, many tabloid magazines at time published photos of the “wedding” and suggested that Elvis Presley and Ann-Margret really had gotten married.

–Was double billed with Tamahine (1963) in most theaters when first released.

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  1. Such a natural beauty! I have a collection of several old Life magazines, and in one of them, there’s a pictorial essay on “A Day in the Life of a Starlet.” It featured a young unknown Hollywood hopeful…Ann Margret!

  2. I have only seen her in Bye Bye Birdie, but I loved her in that! I didn’t know she made so many Elvis movies!

  3. Ann Margret sure was sexyy!! I love the red hair/blue eye combo. There aren’t really any red haired bombshells in HOllywood today, and it’s a shame!!

  4. Now this is a glam sex symbol, they dont’t make them like this anymore. I always thought that her and Elvis had this great chemistry!
    Hope you are having a great weekend, doll!!

  5. I adore Ann Margret and am obsessed with the beautiful pictures you posted. The first photo blows my mind with pretty!

    Beautiful blondie,you never cease to amaze me!! :)

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