It’s Prom Time Again…

Well the campus is all a buzz around here with talk of Prom. The girls are getting their dresses ready, and the boys are trying to figure out who to ask. I had a great time for my Junior Prom, not so much for my Senior Prom. Both times I wore black. My Junior Prom dress was long and I thought I was so sophisticated with my Senior Prom dress being very short and cocktail style.

What are your memories of your prom(s)? Here are some pics of dresses I love from the 50’s. Hope you are having a great Monday!

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  1. OMG, the nude dress with the gold belt is to die for! I would still wear that to this day. Today I tried on a dress and I thought “this dress is too promesque for me”!

  2. Forget my memories! Let’s talk about that dress. I NEED that blue dress! NOW! Do you think I could get Plummer to recreate it for me? She sews, right? :)

  3. Memories? I was the ONLY guy wearing a brown tux. But the green shirt matched her green dress. And you should have seen my high platform shoes.

  4. Wow, they are such pretty dresses. Wish I couldve gotten my hands on something like that for my formal (formal is what a prom is called in Aus). I wore a vintage 60’s dress to my formal that I got for a steal, only problem is… it ripped that night and I never got to wear it again. Luckyily though, it ripped on the way home not when I was there…

  5. HI!!!!

    Oh the prom…I had to ask someone to go with me and pay for his tuxedo…so sad. I had my dress made and I loved it.

    I want one of each of those dresses and a house where they can be on display! I have not been in awhile but FIDM has a great costume library with so many cool dresses, outfits, costumes.

  6. American proms always look so glamorous and fun, i wish we had them over here! Well, we kind of do but they’re a bit lame compared to yours!
    Gorgeous dresses xx

  7. I never went to my proms…too shy! But I do love these dresses – the yellow one reminds me of something Hayley Mills wore in…Summer Magic, maybe? I’m not sure. And the blue one looks very similar to something Samantha on Bewitched wore one time.

  8. Oh I miss prom. I didn’t have the greatest proms so I’ve always wanted to kidnap a 17 year old & go again. hehe. But I did like both of my dresses. One was red & the other was black. Those vintage ones are beautiful!! I love all the frou frou!!

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