Juicy JFK Mini Series

Katie Holmes will play Jackie Kennedy

Jackie Kennedy

Greg Kinnear to play John F. Kennedy

John F. Kennedy

Tom Wilkinson will play Joe Kennedy, Sr.

Joe Kennedy, Sr.

Barry Pepper will play Robert Kennedy

Robert Kennedy

Oooh, I’m soooo excited about the upcoming mini series The History Channel is doing about The Kennedy’s. I’ve mentioned my feelings about America’s Royal Family before, but can’t wait to see if The History Channel really has the guts to tell the truth about the family’s shady ways.

Casting for the series will be as follows: Katie Holmes will play Jaqueline Bouvier Kennedy; Greg Kinnear will play John Kennedy; Barry Pepper will play Robert Kennedy; Tom Wilkinson will play Joe Kennedy, Sr. Seems like a great cast. I wonder who will play Marilyn?

The eight hour series will begin in 2011. “The series will focus on the Kennedy family, long dubbed America’s own Camelot – a story that ended in tragedy for John and Robert, when the two brothers were killed in separate assassinations. Jacqueline went on to marry Greek millionaire Aristotle Onassis, earning the nickname “Jackie O.”

The presence of executive producer Joel Surnow (“24″), a political conservative who joked in a 2007 New Yorker article that “conservatives are the new oppressed class” and criticized Democratic Presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, has worried some critics as to the mini-series’ accuracy, though the History Channel’s release notes that the channel’s “resident historians” are vetting the project.”

I hope they don’t try to hide the truth about the Kennedy’s once again. It’s been long enough. The secrets are already out there and exposed. How am I supposed to wait until next year???


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  1. I think Katie Holmes could be good … she had the promise of a great actor once, it has just that she has been off the scene since she married Tom.
    Don’t know the guy who is playing Bobby, but I think they could have found someone better looking. The man was a fox!

  2. Hey there beautiful Kori! I miss you and have been thinking of you! Are you crazy with anticipation for Mad Men Season 4 like me? Would you like to stalk the set in L.A. with me in an attempt to get a spot on as an extra?? XOXO

    Just a silly note to remind you that I think you are fabulous and I am so curious to see how this JFK Mini Series turns out…hmm…Katie Holmes is an intersting choice indeed.

    Smooches to you friend! XO

  3. I am with you on this one Kori-I can’t wait to see this! I am not overly familiar with Katie Holmes work as an actress but hopefully she can do justice to the character and the lady. She did seem to be channeling her inner ‘Jackie O’ last year, maybe now we know why! ;)
    I see a certain someone’s picture on your sidebar, hope all is well with you!

  4. Oh I just can’t wait! I am going to bet that Marilyn will be in there briefly if at all :(

    I hope they find someone good to play her…I have yet to find a “Marilyn” I like yet :P

  5. Katie Holmes as Jacqueline Kennedy seems a big huge stretch. Of course, I look forward to this, so thanks for the heads up. About their “shady” ways? We still love them and no one in American history since has come close to capturing America’s heart as they did.

  6. I just heard about this, today, and I’m already SO excited. I will watch ANYthing on the History channel. But a Kennedy mini-series? Awesome. But you’re right…let’s hope it’s an honest telling of the story and not a shiny magazine cover. I don’t want a Lifetime movie of the week.

    I can’t believe we’ll have to wait a whole year, though.

  7. Oh my dear Kori!-)*

    Such a great post here:-)
    Finaly I can everyone here on these nice photos…You laughing may be,but I am not so good in the cinema history and I learn from you blog always very much,darling!!!

    Thank you for share,
    My Love and Hugs,

  8. I can’t believe I didn’t know about this! I have done so much reading about the Kennedy’s. They absolutely fascintate me. I am with you. I hope it’s an honest depiction. THANKS for sharing this!

    Katie Holmes as Jackie is interesting. I kind of have mixed feelings about her as an actor, but she may do a good job!

  9. I’m absolutely fascinated about the Kennedys. I can’t wait to see this! I hope Katie Holmes does a good job. She’s come a long way from Joey so I think she’ll be perfect!! This looks like a definite must-see!

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