Mad Men Series: Elisabeth Moss

Today is the last day of my Mad Men series. There are many more characters to discuss, but I’m moving on to other things.

Elisabeth Moss plays Peggy Olsen on the show. She has moved very quickly from secretary to copy writer at Sterling Cooper. Peggy is confident, goal oriented, and doesn’t take no for an answer in a man’s world.

Elisabeth Moss is 27 years old. She is a Scientologist and is married to Fred Armisen of Saturday Night Live. She has starred on several television shows and most recently appeared as SJP’s assistant on “Did You Hear about the Morgans?”

Here are some pics of her. Hope you’ve enjoyed the series!

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  1. Oh Miss Blondie, I have SO ENJOYED this Mad Men series! So much fun!! Peggy is such an interesting character on the show, I’ll never forget that conversation between her and Pete on the sofa in his office when she let him know about the baby. Always enjoyed the dynamics between her and the other Account executives too. I LOVE THIS SHOW! :)

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