Mad Men

Ok, I’ve jumped on the Mad Men train. I’m hooked. I new I would be, just needed some time to sit down and watch all the episodes. The fashion, ads, characters, everything I need all wrapped up in a neat little bow. I found some trivia on the show. Here goes:

–Talia Balsam, John Slattery’s real-life wife, portrays his wife in the series.

–In 2008, this series and “Damages” (2007) became the first basic-cable shows nominated in the best drama series category at the Emmys.

–Glen, the neighbor’s young son who forms a connection with Betty, is portrayed by Marten Holden Weiner, the son of series creator Matthew Weiner.

–Both actors portraying the principal partners at the Sterling and Cooper advertising agency – John Slattery (Roger Sterling) and Robert Morse (Bertram Cooper) hail from Newton Massachusetts.

–The monolithic facade of Sterling Cooper’s building is the same used for the UBS tower in Network (1976).

–Sally’s teacher is first introduced on the show dancing around a maypole with her students. The teacher character is named Suzanne Farrell, after one of the most famous American ballerinas of the 1960s, ’70s, and ’80s.

–John Slattery auditioned for the role of Don Draper before being asked to play Roger Sterling.

And now, for the fun stuff!!!!! After consulting the random number generator, the winner of the giveaway is Audra at Frugal Missus! Congratulations sweetie! Hope you enjoy your perfume!

Hope everyone is having a great Easter…HE IS RISEN!!!

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  1. I love this show, especially all the clothes (how shallow of me!)
    I have left a little something for you over at my blog, come take a peek!
    Hope you had a wonderful Easter, doll!

  2. I’ve never watched the show. Since it’s on cable, I’m concerned about the content. Are the shows usually filled with profanity/”F” words and sex scenes? Or is it pretty tame?


    And Happy Easter!

  3. Happy Easter to you too Doll! Thrilled to have won the perfume, you know I will wear it and think of you and the fabulous ladies of a bygone time!

    I have only seen one episode of Mad Men…I can’t wait to get it on DVD!

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