Sophia Loren

Came across some gorgeous shots of the beautiful Sophia Loren. Enjoy!

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  1. Oh,dear Korine!-)*

    My heart go to jump when I see Sophia Loren…It’s amazing,very special woman and SO sophisticated,style icon for me!!!

    Thank you SO much,my dear friend for these little phototrip about a great actriss and phenomanal nice person,Sophia Loren!-)))*

    Have a lovely sunny weekend,my dear,

    Much Love,

  2. Her eyes are so expressive. Ever the seductress, Ms. Loren has managed to stay timeless and beautiful.

    Thank you for show casing her!

  3. Great post….
    While most actresses don’t want to “grow old” in front of the camera Ms Loren seems to be ageless. What a beauty!!
    Have a Wonderful Day!!

  4. Love the new banner Kori! To cute.

    I think shes attractive in some pics,sometimes not.Im not sure what it is.The third pic she is gorgeous.The pic with the hat she is as well.

    Have a great weekend Kori!

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