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Suzanne Summers never ceases to amaze me. How does she still look so great? Three’s Company was an obsession of mine for a while. Who didn’t love Chrissy, Jack, or Janet? The set was full of drama, if you didn’t know. The show was so funny but probably wouldn’t be considered politically correct today. I found some trivia about the show. What do you think?

–In the final episode of the series, Jack moved from the apartment to one above his restaurant to live with his girlfriend Vicki (as seen in the spin-off “Three’s a Crowd” (1984)), Janet got married and left to live with her husband Phillip and Teri took a nursing job in Hawaii.

–Jack lived at the Y.M.C.A. before moving in with Janet and Chrissy.

–Jack was in the Navy.

–Janet and Chrissy had another roommate named Eleanor before Jack moved in.

–Three different addresses were given for the apartment throughout the seasons (none of them was real).

–Billy Crystal auditioned for the role of Jack Tripper.

–Suzanne Somers was fired midway through the show’s run due to salary disputes, amid a very public lawsuit and loads of publicity.

–Any time Norman Fell said an especially funny or witty line, he would look directly into the camera as he laughed.

–When Jack opens his restaurant, Larry brings his Greek family there for dinner. It is later revealed that Larry’s real last name is Dalliopoulos (He changed it to Dallas because it was easier to spell).

–Priscilla Barnes (Terri) said her years on this show were the unhappiest in her professional career. She almost quit as soon as she was cast because she did not like the backstage atmosphere.

–In the first few seasons, where the opening and closing credits were shot on the beach, it was done as a last-minute aspect by the producers at Venice Beach. The first shot, where the camera zooms in on Jack Tripper (John Ritter) riding his bike, was obtained by going on the roof of a Venice shop-owner who took $100 for use of his roof.

–The 1980-1981 season was very difficult for the cast and crew. Suzanne Somers began to demand higher pay than her fellow cast members and part ownership of the show. When she was refused, she would often not show up to work. John Ritter and Joyce DeWitt refused to work with Somers any longer. So her character Chrissy was written out of the season except for a 60-second scene at the very end of the episodes. In these scenes, Chrissy was visiting her family and she would call Jack and Janet on the phone. These scenes were filmed early in the day so Somers would be off the set by the time Ritter and DeWitt arrived as they wanted no contact with her. At the end of the season, Somers was fired and Chrissy was never mentioned again.

–Chrissy’s full name is “Christmas Noelle Snow”.

–During the earlier seasons’ opening credits, the brunette walking by the beach that causes Jack to fall off his bike is Suzanne Somers in a wig.

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  1. Hey Kori, I am having guest bloggers thru 6/18 because I won a gig blogging about Chevy Traverse.
    Any chance you would do a blog post for me on favorite movie cars? or road trip movie? Or your own road trip?

    Schools out soon, right?

    Thanks! contact me at mommylisa21 (at) gmail (dot) com if you would be interested~!

  2. oh my gosh! that use to be one of my favourite shows in the 70s! I don’t think anyone but John ritter would have any good at being Jack.

  3. I LOVE 3’s company!! I agree Suzanne always looks great, I love watching her on HSN, she’s hoot! I love each character individually, I think the show was so great because everyone brought something to the table, it was too perfect to be a show, I like to think it was true :) hehehe great post honey!!!!

  4. Great choice Kori. I love this show. I remember watching it when it originally came on, well more around 1980 for me. Anyway, funny show with a talented cast.

  5. Yep, me and my brother watched this show EVERY day after school. At Xmas, my dad got the Three’s Company Collection and we watched it and had a laugh and a nostalgic tear. To this day, we use phrases “Mrs. Roper muumuu” lol

  6. This one of my my favorite tv shows. In fact, I still watch it on TVLand most nights. I dont watch a lot of tv, but this is definitely an exception.

  7. Always loved this show, too! Wow, I can’t believe Summers was such a super diva! I totally wouldn’t have guessed it from her ditzy persona on the show! Great post.

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