Cielo Drive

Came across this article in Architectural Digest and thought it was interesting. The former Tate house known for the famed Manson murders was torn down years ago, since no one wanted to live there. Since then, a gorgeous home has been put in it’s place, but it’s interesting that the article never mentions the house is located at the top of Cielo Drive, on the exact spot where the Tate murders happened. Maybe they thought no one would want to purchase the home if they realized the location? Take a look at the article and the pictures of the house. What do you think?
A Dream Reimagined Homes:

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  1. Oh wow! I read Helter Skelter for my Criminal Justice class in college. Crazy. The house is beautiful now, but a little eerie.

    I got a lot done on my book on my recent vacation, still a work in progress though. Have you tried to market any or look for an agent? I’ve been simultaneously looking for an agent.

    Hope you are enjoying your summer!
    p.s. i do visit often, but blogger is finicky about commenting it often boots me off. :)~

  2. Maybe the editors of AD didn’t realize it either? Kinda like the place would have a hex on it. Spooky. But, it’s been so long ago many people wouldn’t remember maybe. Very interesting.

  3. Wow what a beautiful home!

    But I don’t think I could live there if I knew the Tate murders happened there.

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