Happy Birthday Marilyn!!!!

Today would have been Marilyn’s 84th birthday! Can you imagine her growing old in front of our eyes, without her youthful image frozen in time? Happy Birthday MM!

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  1. Marilyn and I share June 1 as our birthdays. I turned 40 this past week (YUCK!). Never does a birthday go by that I don’t say out loud, “Happy birthday Norma Jean.”

  2. I can’t picture her at 84, but I bet she’d still look great.

    I thought of you when they released the only known photograph of Marilyn and JFK together this week.

  3. Wow 84, now that is old. She will always be beautiful. Cool image on your post, love to see photos of her I never have seen before.
    Enjoyed my visit .

  4. Happy Birthday Marilyn!! I think this occasion calls for me to fit one of her films in between all the work I have to do.

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