Happy Birthday to My Boyfriend Johnny!

Happy 47th birthday Johnny Depp! You all know how much I love my Johnny, so here are some pics to celebrate him today! Have a great day!

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  1. WOWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WOTTASITE!!! Just stumbled into your WONDERFULLNESS, and YOU are the GINCHIEST thing goin’!!! THANK-YOU VERY MUCH for all the effort you put into this….where DO you come up with all the Marilyn photos…and tell your mom (but NOT your dad) that she’s still ALL THE HOTNESS IN THE WORLD!!! KEEP ON CHOOGLIN’!!! (And, dammit, you BETTER enjoy the summer!!!) OOOOOOPSSSS…..exclamation point usage alert…..gotta go…..byeeeee……..

  2. Depp is a really good actor – quirky, to be sure, but then again, aren’t most great actors and actresses a bit quirky?
    I have always thought he would be PERFECT if they ever made a movie about Nicola Tesla… if not familiar, he is the fellow who invented a slew of electrical concepts, such as the basic concept for radio, AC motor, etc… here is a link from wiki – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nikola_Tesla
    Thing is, Tesla was quite ‘quirky’ himself, and was totally rejected by ‘American’ inventors (Edison, Marconi) as a ‘foreigner’, thus never got much credit for his inventions, even though he held the patent on them… ok, large rambling – but just think Depp would be KILLER portaying him.

    Thanks, Kori!


  3. Ethel Mae told me you’d stolen my boyfriend! Good grief, is nothing sacred? Everyone knows Johnny is mine. MINE I tell ya!!


    Yes, happy birthday, Johnny! Long may you continue to make movies and delight us all!

  4. Oh great post…….can’t go wrong with some jd pics :)
    Why has the world not created more men like him, or if it has where are they all hiding?

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