Judy Garland

41 Years ago today Judy Garland died of a drug overdose. Judy had a very sad life, as most people know, filled with depression and anxiety. “Despite her professional triumphs, Garland battled personal problems throughout her life. Insecure about her appearance, her feelings were compounded by film executives who told her she was unattractive and manipulated her on-screen physical appearance. Plied with drugs to control her weight and increase her productivity, Garland endured a decades-long struggle with prescription drug addiction. Garland was plagued by financial instability, often owing hundreds of thousands of dollars in back taxes. She married five times, with her first four marriages ending in divorce. She also attempted suicide on a number of occasions.”

Judy definitely had her demons, but was a troubled soul because of everything she had gone through in her life. Here are some pics to remember her by.

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  1. Oh Judy is just my favorite of ALL TIME! She was so beautiful and so talented–with such a tragic story. Thanks for remembering her today!

  2. I love Judy Garland. I have one of her albums, and it’s one of my favorite things ever. Plus, I love watching old interviews of her. She always seems so charming and witty, and didn’t let on about all the stuff she went through. Wonderful woman, indeed.

  3. Being a huge fan of The Vintage Hollywood Set I adored Judy….I feel it was what made her a star that ultimately destroyed her. Like so many others of her time….
    What a Voice…….

  4. She has such a sad story, and it’s such a shame to because she had loads of talent! Beautiful pictures…

  5. Oh…I love Judy Garland!! Your post reminds me of watching old movies with my Gramma! Your BLOG makes me smile too!! I love the sentiment you have in every post:)

    From one Cali Girl to another…Have a fabulous day!!!


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