Kristen Stewart Elle Cover

It’s no secret Kristen Stewart isn’t often talked about positively. Her personality is kind of flat, to say the least. I try so hard to like her, because I love the Twilight movies, but find her strange and boring. She appears so awkward and uncomfortable with her fame. She is on the cover of the June issue of Elle Magazine. The photos are great. She definitely photographs well. She has a little bit of a vintage quality. What do you think?

(All photos courtesy of Elle Magazine)

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  1. Great photos. She is beautiful, but so strange. If she’s such a good actor, why can’t she just act like she’s confident and normal during interviews and on the red carpet? Hahaha!

  2. I thought her awkwardness was a little difficult to get used to at first, but now I find it rather refreshing. A lot of celebrities in her age group seem so into their fame, that it’s kind of nice to see someone at the opposite end of the spectrum. She probably would have been perfectly content being a relatively unknown actor in indie movies and stuff like that had Twilight not come around. Love the photos! I’ll have to pick up this issue.

  3. Ugh, I really don’t like Kirsten S. She’s just so boring and can’t act to save her life if you ask me. The photos are gorgeous, no doubt but I still don’t like her. Xx

  4. I hate to admit I kinda agree with you. I really liked her in “In the Land of Women,” and felt that her persona fit her role, but she’s playing essentially the same role in Twilight, and it’s just not working for me. I don’t know – I’m curious to see if the actress will transform along with her character in the next two movies.

    I honestly do think she portrays an extremely moody teen very well, but that’s ALL we’ve seen of her. She needs to expand her horizons NOW. Otherwise, if she is to have a career in pictures at all, she will forever be typecast in such roles, and moody teenage roles don’t last long when you’re not an ageless vampire.

  5. I think Kristen doesn’t like fame. I have only read a few interviews with her and she wants to be super secretive about if there is a relationship with her and Robert. Sadly for her that is just part of fame. You CAN’T hide everything. Hopefully she will lighten up with age. I think she deserves a private life. BUT when you are in such a big time movie with a sexy co-star, of course people are gonna talk. DUH! It is funny because Robert seems “awkward” also, so I think they are a perfect couple. I like Kristen because she looks like a normal girl that you would just see walking down the street. She is good at what matters : ACTING.

    I love the photos and twilight. lol



  6. I also don’t like her very much but she does look pretty in these photos. Probably cuz she doesn’t have to speak or interact with anyone. lol. Elle photographers & editors can apparently work miracles if they can make her look this pretty!!

  7. I do think she has kinda an awkward personality, but I think she is a great “Bella” in the movies… cause thats how I pictured her… She is a beauty regardless of her personality though.

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