Marilyn Monroe Friday…

More shots of my favorite…enjoy! What do you think? Any you haven’t seen?

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  1. It’s always a huge surprise to see a famous person in a Canadian location. I know ?Marilyn made a movie in Niagara Falls, but still, it’s always a surprise!
    She was so sweet looking in most of her pictures! I wonder… Has there ever been a picture done of her with computer aging?
    Do you think she would have maintained the sweetness or become a more angular sort of beauty?

  2. I love these, most I have never seen before! I did a post on her this week for her birthday, I am going to try and link mine to yours but not sure how to do it. I will give it the old college try though!

  3. What an Heavenly photos of Marilyn…I have never seen these images;-)*

    SOooooo MAGICAL SHE IS!!!

    Thank you many,many,many time for share these,sweetheart Kim!!!

    I reed you post always and I have so much respect for you knowledge about this dreamworld-Cinema!-)))*

  4. Have never seen numbers 3 & 4 before.
    Love the pic of her posing next to the Niagra Falls. She looked so beautiful in that film.

  5. The bathing suits and shoes in the first two pictures! :O I want them nowww!
    Thanks for this – now I don’t feel bad about my belly hehe. I wish there were more Marilyns in the media. Then we can enjoy life instead of worrying about not being thin :(

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