Staying Another Week!

Hello there friends! I don’t usually post about personal stuff going on in my life, but I’m on vacation, and so excited, so I have to share with you! I’ve decided to stay another week in Ohio, so all in all I will be here 2 weeks! Yay! So excited to spend time with my brother and sister-in-law.

We went to the Indians/Yankees game last night and were hoping to see A-Rod hit his 600th home run, but it didn’t happen. What a gorgeous field though!

Enjoying a lot of peace and quiet here in the country by myself.

Today, we’re visiting the Football Hall of Fame.

I can’t seem to sleep at night and have tried everything. Anyone else have insomnia? Have a great day friends!

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  1. Holy Crap!!! You’re at the Football Hall of Fame! I wanna go too!! I was there once and I loved it!!!! You’re so cute thinking of me!! hehe :) Next time I’m coming with you okay!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a blast girl! It was so good hearing from you! Hope your visit is going great, and hope you get some sleep!!!!!! xOxO

  2. Love the stadium the Indians play in. It was still called Jacob’s Field when we were there last.
    As for not sleeping…I have a friend who swears by Tylenol PM. Says it helps her fall asleep and she feels good the next morning. Good luck with that.

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