I’m reading Baby Let’s Play House right now and it is fascinating. I know I always say that, but I am learning so much about Elvis’s background that I never knew. Here are some yummy photos of him to brighten up your day. Anything you want to share about your week?


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  1. Swoooooooooooooon!!! I love Elvis! This is so lame but at my wedding “our song” was “Love Me Tender” haha…it was the same one my parents danced to! It’s a super sweet song when you listen to it. My husband still makes fun of me for choosing it, and probably everyone else…but I LOVE the King!

  2. I started reading Me and a Guy Named Elvis by Jerry Schilling and I found it to be very interesting. I still havent finished it, but I hope to soon. Its Elvis from a close friend’s perspective that grew up knowing him basically. You really learn a lot more about Elvis that is not commonly known. He really had an interesting life and seemed like such a kind person.

  3. Greatest male singer of all time. He had the voice, the looks, the charm. It’s a shame he couldn’t keep it all together.

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