Jim Morrison

When visiting the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Saturday, I was fascinated by all the material they had on Jim Morrison of The Doors. I had no idea his father was an Admiral and worked at the Pentagon. Morrison hated the strict lifestyle his father provided, and therefore decided to act out early on. The Hall of Fame had an actual letter from a police department to his father asking for help in taming Morrison after he was arrested for lewd behavior onstage at a concert.

I knew he died in Paris and assumed it was of a drug overdose, but no autopsy was ever performed. So sad that his common law wife of the time, Pamela Courson died just three years after he did of a heroin overdose. What a tragedy to lose someone so talented as Jim Morrison so early in his life.

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  1. Some very sexy photos of JM. I may be borrowing that top photo in my post, which is what brought me here. I love your blog imagery.

  2. Nice post Kori. I remember some of the details of Jim’s life from the movie The Doors with Val Kilmer from the 90’s but it’s been awhile. Thanks for the facts and posting the pics.

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