Am I becoming some type of transcendentalist or something? I have developed this great sense of appreciation for nature since being in Ohio. I’m amazed at the vast amount of green trees and blue skies that are here. My brother keeps talking about moving to Montana, which I believe is truly God’s country. If I have this type of appreciation for Ohio, what would I think about Montana? Well, anyway, here are some pictures of nature that I thought were beautiful. Check out all God has created.

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  1. Awesome nature pics, Kori! God is great! It’s pretty hard for me to look at all that and conclude it ‘just happened’… God DID create everything, but maybe he just took a little longer on some things than others!!!

    AAAANNNDD, your new ‘header’ is GREAT! You look awesome! Ya need to just keep that one up there permanently… trust me! :-]

    Hope you are doing well, Kori! Keep having more fun in Ohio than you ever imagined you would!!!


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