Cupcake Fever

I’m a little obsessed lately with cupcakes. Not eating them, just watching shows that show the “cupcake wars,” cupcake businesses etc. I thought cupcakes would be a passing fad, but they seem to be here to stay for a while. So, I ask you, who has the best cupcakes around, and which flavor is your favorite?

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  1. Those are awesome looking cupcakes! I wish I could decorate like that. I’ve tried and it’s never quite worked out, all I’ve made is a huge mess. :)

  2. I am loving cupcakes right now too and just did a post on them myself yesterday. These here are beautiful. If I were getting married today…I might have to go the cupcake route. I think they are fun.

  3. Oh WOW…… I just love the artistry of some of the cupcakes!!
    I watched a segment of “The View” last week & they did it on the different companies that make just cupcakes. They even had cupcakes that were for special dietary needs like gluten free!!

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