Greta Garbo

I didn’t know much about Greta Garbo until I came across an article on her. She was originally born in Stockholm to a a poor family. Her family was so poor, that she was basically adopted out to a benefactor.

Garbo was discovered by Swedish director Mauritz Stiller at 19 years of age. She then headed out for New York, then to Hollywood and went on to star in 24 films.

Then, just as quickly as she began, she quit the business. At the age of 36, no one saw another film with her in it. She never discussed why she left the business, and continued to live a relatively unknown life until her death.

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  1. Thanks for the cool pics, Kori!!! I need to watch a few more GG movies to get a sense of her – she was quite ‘mysterious’, and that probably aided her popularity.
    TCM shows her movies somewhat regularly, so not much of an excuse for any of us…well, that have TCM, anyway…
    It’s interesting that my wife is named Greta… and it’s amazing how many folks can’t spell it correctly…I just say it spelled ‘Like Greta Garbo…’ with helps out about half the time – usually if the person is at least 40 years old…
    Anyway, hope all is well, Kori – that school is going great, and you are feeling 100% Gingery now!!!


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